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paisleypais‧ley /ˈpeɪzli/ noun [uncountable] TIMAVDa pattern consisting of curved shapes used on cloth a paisley shawl
Examples from the Corpus
paisleyHe was short, in his fifties, wearing a white shirt with a brown paisley pattern.Lise Charmel paisley in linen and cotton with pleated satin inserts from the Sahara range.The Doctor hooked the handle of his umbrella over his top pocket and pulled his paisley scarf from around his neck.I slid out of bed and covered myself with a huge paisley shawl.Navy woollen bolero cardigan with large paisley wool embroidery, £42.99.His achievements include a finish for silk that feels like the skin of a peach, and the revival of paisley.He imagined the colors fluctuating chaotically in a random, psychedelic paisley.The thin paisley eiderdown feels damp to the touch.
Origin paisley (1800-1900) Paisley, town in Scotland