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From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpackagepack‧age1 /ˈpækɪdʒ/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable] 1 parcel.jpg DTOGETHERsomething wrapped in paper, packed in a box, and then sent by mail or delivered SYN parcel British English There’s a package here for a Miami Lakes address.2 American EnglishBB the paper or plastic container that food or other goods are sold in SYN packet British Englishpackage of a package of meat3 BTOGETHERa set of ideas or services that are suggested or offered all together as a grouppackage of measures/proposals/incentives etc The government has announced a package of measures to assist affected areas.aid/financial/benefits etc package Many banks are offering financial packages for students.4 a set of related programs sold together for use on a computersoftware/word-processing/graphics etc package
Examples from the Corpus
packageAbout 7,000 alumni will pay Northwestern $ 1,565 each for a package of air-fare and game tickets.The mailman left a package for you at our house.The A-CONFORMOLINES package is terminated by the code 99999 in columns 1-5.Warning - product package is not approved A product has been updated to reference an unapproved issue of the product package.a new software packageJuno Online Services provides free e-mail access to the Internet through their own special software package.It acts merely as an easily identified and meaningful reference to the version of the package which is to be issued.The cooking instructions are on the package.It also indicated that a referendum might well be held on the package prior to its submission to the provinces.He can advise us on the best brochure layouts, promotional photography, video or slide presentation - the whole package.package ofa package of frozen spinachaid/financial/benefits etc packageA benefits package is a very marketable advantage, one that Trope hopes will give them the edge over other independent labels.A suitable relocation compensation and benefits package also needs to be provided.The importance of the position is reflected in the salary and benefits package offered which includes a company vehicle.Other team members ask Vickie to find out if any decision has been made on the change in the company benefits package.An example of this type of report can be taken from the administration of our employee benefits package.The new program comes as students are finalizing their financial aid packages for the upcoming school year.But the aid package will not control drugs-because the policy fails to recognize the roots of the conflict.The only criticism is the time taken to put the financial package together before work could begin. software/word-processing/graphics etc packageCan it read text files from a word processor and pictures from a graphics package?Most of us are conversant with modems, microchips, and software packages.Business-oriented spreadsheet applications can be set up to solve these problems, and special-purpose capital budgeting software packages are readily available.Computer software packages and simulations offer another possible approach.The facilities for e-mail, file transfers and newsgroup messages are the equal of most Internet software packages on the market.Similarly, desktop publishing packages can take text from a whole range of word processors, graphics packages and other sources.I had previously attended several workshops and had been introduced to several software packages.Useful appendices provide information on the various software packages and how to use them, and some helpful troubleshooting guides.
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packagepackage2 verb [transitive] 1 TOGETHER (also package up) to put food or other goods into a bag, box etc ready to be sold or sent The code informs us where and when a product was packaged. The videos were packaged up, ready for distribution.Grammar Package is usually passive in this meaning.2 BBTto prepare something for sale, especially by making it attractive or interesting to a particular group of people They try to package their product to give it mass appeal.
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Examples from the Corpus
packageMr Prescott's capacity for saying what he thinks and his somewhat abrasive manner are evidently not qualities that are easily packaged.And all the time there were the escalating costs for handling, packaging and processing the wastes at the Sellafield complex.The cocaine was already packaged and ready to be shipped to the U.S.Martin's manager had packaged him to appeal to teenage girls.The 316s is packaged in CompuAdd's low-profile systems unit.Users would not need to buy packaged software, nor would they have to learn programs and operating systems.
From King Business Dictionarypackagepack‧age1 /ˈpækɪdʒ/ noun [countable]1TRANSPORTan amount of something or a number of things, packed together and wrapped up ready to be sent somewhereSYNPARCELThe company delivers 300,000 packages overnight.2a small container with a set of things in itSYNPACKETEach package contains 4 AAA batteries.3a set of related things, services, or proposals that are sold or presented togetherthe best-sellingdesktop publishing package on the marketpackage ofInterco is urging bondholders to accept a package of new securities.The company announced a package of cost-cutting measures.4HUMAN RESOURCES the pay and things such as holidays, pensions etc that you get with a particular joban attractive financial package benefits package compensation package remuneration package severance package5British EnglishTRAVEL a package holidaypackagepackage2 verb [transitive]1TRANSPORT (also package up) to wrap or pack something so that it is ready to be sent somewhereMany firms send components overseas to be packaged.materials for packaging food and consumer productspackaged adjectivenutritional labeling onpackaged foodthe Anglo-Dutchpackaged goods giant Unilever2MARKETING to put goods or services together and sell them as a setThe company packaged the software with other IBM products.3MARKETING to prepare something for sale, especially by adding something to it or by making it more attractive to buyersShe built a video empire by packaging her own fitness routines and selling them to millions of Americans.4FINANCE if a financial institution packages loans, it buys the loans from lenders such as banks and uses the loans as BACKING for bonds. The financial institution uses the repayments on these loans to make payments to investors who buy the bonds. Money that the lenders get from the financial institution when it sells the bonds is used to make more loans to customersAs seller of the mortgages, American Mortage forwarded repayments to the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, which had bought the loans and packaged them into securities. see also asset-backed security under security→ See Verb tableOrigin package1 (1500-1600) pack