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packpack1 /pæk/ ●●● S2 W3 verb 1 clothes [intransitive, transitive] (also pack up)DPUT to put things into cases, bags etc ready for a trip somewhere I forgot to pack my razor. Have you finished packing yet?pack your things/belongings Kelly packed her things before breakfast.pack a bag/case You’d better pack your bags. We’re leaving in an hour.pack somebody something Shall I pack us a picnic?2 goods [transitive] (also pack up) to put something into a box or other container, so that it can be moved, sold, or storedpack something in/into something Now wild mushrooms are available all year, packed in handy 25 g boxes.3 crowd [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive]FULL to go in large numbers into a space, or to make people or animals do this, until the space is too fullpack into/in/onto Fifty thousand fans packed into the stadium. The sheep had been packed into a truck and transported without food or water.4 protect something [transitive]PROTECT to cover or fill an object with soft material so that it does not get damagedpack in/with Glass must be packed in several layers of paper.5 snow/soil etcDLGPRESS to press snow, soil, sand etc down so that it becomes hard and firmpack something down Pack the soil down firmly. 6 pack your bags7 pack a gun8 pack a (hard/hefty/strong etc) punch send somebody packing at send(11) pack something ↔ away pack in pack somebody/something off pack up
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Examples from the Corpus
packBrent had to pack a suitcase and get to the airport in under an hour.He could pack a union hall, as no one in the seventies was supposed to be able to do.We packed all our books into boxes.How could people pack and prepare a lifetime's possessions, even with six days' notice?Why do you always pack at the last minute?a meat packing factoryTourists in North Carolina packed ferries to flee the Outer Banks.She packed her suitcase and set off for the airport.The robber had packed himself into a carton and had himself delivered to the post office.The tuna is packed in oil.Disappointment turned to disbelief among the 18,000 crowd packed into Edgbaston when they were told they would not get a refund.More than 50,000 fans packed into the stadium.Can you pack the kids' lunches?Pack the knee with ice to reduce swelling.Did you remember to pack the suntan lotion?Saturday afternoon I realized I had packed the wrong stuff.There is a massive file cabinet stuffed with documents so old and densely packed they may be ready to ignite spontaneously.On each of the six nights the auditorium was packed to capacity with a seating of 1,500.He arrives for class with a tiny knapsack packed with his crayons, lunch box and a diaper.We're going to Greece tomorrow, and I haven't started packing yet!Don't forget to pack your swimming suit.pack a bag/caseYou could get what you need - pack a case.Why don't you pack a bag and go to Cromlech?He was here only parts of three days before packing a bag and leaving.She packed a bag, and made a reservation on the last flight out of Los Angeles.As she quickly packed a bag before preparing dinner, it suddenly struck her what a risk she was taking.They had stopped off at home and packed a case for her and then they had stayed to help her settle in.She packed a bag, looked at the phone, checked her watch.If she went home and packed a bag, she could be in New York tomorrow.pack into/in/ontoIn San Jose, about 8,000 people packed into a few downtown blocks, overturning cars and smashing windows.Men, women, and children packed into dark rooms that stank like a stable.Butter I.. The pound-block of butter is often less expensive than butter packed in four-ounce sticks. 2.Unfortunately they carried no ammunition and all guns were still packed in grease.Wash them before packing into plastic bags or containers.Enough material was packed into the curriculum to last two or three years.All items pack into the custom fitted carry case for ease and safety of transport.We used to get them for one penny the pack in the navy. pack in/withThe coins are presented in a protective acrylic display pack with ah and some slip cover.This wicker hamper is packed with delicious goodies and costs £64.92, inclusive of nationwide delivery.Internet sites are packed with eager sellers.He arrives for class with a tiny knapsack packed with his crayons, lunch box and a diaper.They turn to it because it is packed with promise.These regional hubs will be packed with server computers that store the most frequently accessed data on the Internet.It's packed with useful information.It was packed with women, young and old, and with children.
packpack2 ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable] 1 things wrapped togetherBTOGETHER something wrapped in paper or packed in a box and then sent by post or taken somewherepack of a pack of three T-shirts Send away for your free information pack today. six-pack(1)2 small container especially American EnglishGROUP OF THINGS a small container, usually made of paper, that something is sold in SYN packet British Englishpack of a pack of cigarettes a 10 oz pack of frozen peas3 bag especially British EnglishDCDLO a bag that you carry on your back, especially when climbing or walking, used to carry equipment, clothes etc SYN rucksack British English, backpack4 cardsDGC (also pack of cards) a complete set of playing cards SYN deck5 animalsHBA a group of wild animals that hunt together, or a group of dogs trained to hunt together a wolf packpack of a pack of houndssee thesaurus at group6 group of peopleGROUP OF PEOPLE a group of the same type of people, especially a group who you do not approve ofpack of A pack of reporters were waiting outside. 7 be leading the pack/be ahead of the pack8 pack of lies9 Cub/Brownie pack10 on a woundMDMH a thick soft piece of cloth that you press on a wound to stop the flow of blood SYN compress ice pack
Examples from the Corpus
packHe pulled a pack of Tareytons out and lit one.Then, as you listen closely, you hear an answering pack from a distant ridge.I set up the bottle on the bedside table and a fresh pack of cigarettes.a video gift packIn 1938, a flood wiped out many of the camps, diminishing the need for the pack trains.If the pack has become too big and unmanageable, the dominant male must spend all his time trying to control it.Susan took a mint out of the pack.No hyena wants to fight outside the pack.This month will see the launch of the Coldwatch campaign and details can be found in this newsletter together with the pack.It was full of people strangely dressed in plus fours and navy blue suits, with packs strapped to their backs.information packThese observations and facts come from an information pack about National Bike Week, recently published.Details and information pack can be obtained by telephoning or writing to the Catholic Social Welfare Society.Write or call now for a comprehensive information pack or to arrange a showhouse visit.Farmers should ask for our special Finance for Farming information pack.If you'd like more information on the seven car 605 range, call for a free information pack.Ring for a Western Loire information pack and the Brittany Ferries brochure.This policy was included in the mid-March information pack.For a full product information pack please circle the reader service number or ring our technical department on.
From King Business Dictionarypackpack1 /pæk/ noun1[countable] a small container with a set of things in itSYNPACKAGE, PACKETFive million tickets to Disney films will be placed in specially-marked packs.pack ofa pack of Marlboro cigarettes26-pack/12-pack etc a pack that contains six, twelve etc itemsThis brand of beer is now available in 12-packs. blister pack display pack gift pack3lead/be ahead of the pack to be more successful than your competitorsIt has fallen to seventh place in the ad-agency rankings, after leading the pack for three years.The company is demonstrating the kind of innovation that will be needed to keep it ahead of the pack.4[singular] a group of people who all work in the same industry, especially in films, the press, or the theatre, that you do not like or approve ofThe whole media pack is closing in on him.packpack2 verb [transitive]1TRANSPORTto put products in boxes, a vehicle etc so they can be taken somewhereAt sixteen, Brian went to work packing freight on the shipping docks.pack something in somethingThe video equipment is packed in aluminum trunks and air-freighted to the packed in fresh-water ice see also packaging, packing2COMPUTING to put a lot of information onto the part of a computer or other piece of ELECTRONIC equipment that stores DATApack something on/onto/into somethingThe disks are engineered to pack at least twice as much data onto their recording surface.3to arrive in large numbers into a space that is not big enough, or to make people or things do thisBecause moviegoers haven’t been packing the theaters this fall, they haven’t seen the trailers for our new releases.pack something into somethingThe TV network has infuriated viewers by packing an extra three minutes of commercials into popular hour-long programs.4pack a board/committee/jury etc to secretly and dishonestly arrange for most of the people on a committee etc to support someoneHe packed the company’s board with his relatives. pack up→ See Verb tableOrigin pack1 1. (1300-1400) PACK22. (1500-1600) pack to make a secret agreement ((16-17 centuries)), perhaps from pact pack2 (1100-1200) Low German Dutch pak