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PP1, p /piː/ noun (plural P’s, p’s) [countable, uncountable] SLAthe 16th letter of the English alphabet mind your p’s and q’s at mind2(23)
Examples from the Corpus
PWe furthermore demonstrate that plexiglass in combination with lead shields 32 P induced Bremsstrahlung more efficiently than plexiglass alone.To the south, nearest the P & R tracks, stood the smoky blacksmith shop.
PP2 British English the written abbreviation of provisional, used on cars to show that the driver is a learner and has a provisional licence P-platep.p. (also p British English)1 TCNthe written abbreviation of page pp.2 British EnglishPEC the abbreviation of penny or pence The bus fare was only 50p.3 APMused in written music to show that a part should be played or sung quietlyFrom King Business Dictionarypp1British English written abbreviation for PENNY or PENCEShares opened at 47.12p but soon rose to 56p.2 p. written abbreviation for PAGEPP prefixTAX in Britain, the letter that is combined with a number to refer to different documents used by the INLAND REVENUE. For example, a P60 is a form given by an employer to an employee which shows the employee’s pay, tax, and National Insurance payments for that year see also four Ps, P45