From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishozone-friendlyˌozone-ˈfriendly adjective SGPTnot containing chemicals that damage the ozone layer an ozone-friendly aerosol
Examples from the Corpus
ozone-friendlyMace in an aerosol and probably not even ozone-friendly.A puff of powder, a dab of lipstick and a squirt of ozone-friendly aerosol to keep my hair subdued.Organically grown, packed in an ozone-friendly biodegradable carton and marketed at a price to please both shopkeeper and purchaser alike.What's more it is as kind to the environment as it is to your skin, thanks to our ozone-friendly dispenser.ozone-friendly hair sprayBut the campaigners found only four fridges which were on the list of ozone-friendly household appliances.I hope that's ozone-friendly washing-up liquid they're using.