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oxfordox‧ford /ˈɒksfəd $ ˈɑːksfərd/ noun American English 1 oxfords2 [countable]DCC a type of shirt made of thick cotton
Examples from the Corpus
oxfordStudent welfare officers became concerned about the intensity of Life at oxford University, and in todays report they urge immediate action.He was given a 21 month prison sentence at oxford Crown Court.For staff at oxford regional health authority it means their jobs are in jeopardy.Richard Duriez from oxford is charged with conspiracy to commit criminal damage following that raid.Students at Rachel's oxford college St Hilda's say the family's feelings should have come first.Charles Gullans always wore some sort of tweed jacket and a huge pair of saddle oxfords.
OxfordOx‧ford /ˈɒksfəd $ ˈɑːksfərd/ 1 a city on the Rivers Thames and Cherwell in Oxfordshire, southern England. It has many beautiful old buildings and is famous for its university2 Oxford UniversityOrigin oxford (1800-1900) Oxford, English city and university