Word family noun owner ownership verb own disown
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishownershipown‧er‧ship /ˈəʊnəʃɪp $ ˈoʊnər-/ ●●○ W3 noun [uncountable] OWNthe fact of owning somethingownership of a dispute over the ownership of the landpublic/private/state ownership The company was returned to private ownership in mid-1987. The price of home ownership is increasing.
Examples from the Corpus
ownershipBut they were able to do it, as their very real empowerment and ownership programs attest.Classes teach the basics of small business ownership such as accounting and customer service.The classic case of private property would than become not home ownership but the ownership of somebody else's home.The advantage that it should build upon is its multiple ownership, House argues.There did not seem to be a half-way house between public and private ownership.The agency was transferred from public to private ownership.The project also studies the incidence of profit sharing and employee share ownership across the economy.Further, the plans may indicate the ownership of fences and so may help in solving problems in that connection.Bob gave me lots of incentive through ownership interest.home ownershipMore significant predictors, especially in recent elections, have been location and home ownership.Forbes would eliminate all loopholes, including the popular mortgage interest deduction aimed at encouraging home ownership.This will bring the benefits of home ownership within the reach of more people and introduce more diversity in local authority estates.Because the tax break for mortgage interest would disappear, the finances of home ownership would change.Young elderly will illustrate a higher rate of home ownership than the older elderly.The mortgage interest deduction, for example, subsidizes home ownership, as does the deduction for property taxes.The home ownership rate among women continues to lag, Cisneros said at a news conference.At the same time home ownership became easier and the norm.
From King Business Dictionaryownershipown‧er‧ship /ˈəʊnəʃɪpˈoʊnər-/ noun [uncountable] COMMERCEthe state of owning somethingCar ownership by teenagers tripled during the decade.Home ownership is more common in Britain than in Europe generally.Limited partnerships give holders an ownership interest (=partial ownership) in assets such as office buildings or oil fields. absolute ownership beneficial ownership common ownership cross-media ownership cross-ownership employee ownership foreign ownership fractional ownership full ownership government ownership joint ownership majority ownership minority ownership part ownership private ownership