Word family noun owner ownership verb own disown
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishownerown‧er /ˈəʊnə $ ˈoʊnər/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable] OWNsomeone who owns somethingowner of I met the owner of the local hotel.original/previous/new owner the club’s new owners He was now the proud owner of a bright red sports car.car-owner/dog-owner etc Dog-owners have been warned to keep their animals under control.home-owner (=someone who owns their house)
Examples from the Corpus
ownerIt's worth £20 of anybody's money, whether you're an owner or an enthusiast.Pit Bull owners demonstrate outside Parliament.Car owners are facing a 10% rise in the price of gasoline.The gallery was full and the gallery owner looked happier than when I had last seen him.The previous owner painted the outside of the house yellow.a property ownerAlready, Buss said, talk of the Padres presence has prompted some property owners to map renovation or development projects.He is the proud owner of two Olympic gold medals.For some owners, of course, religion existed less for conversion than control.The owners of the company live abroad.Suppose then that factors and their owners always move together.the proud owner ofIs C-3P0 the proud owner of a Galant?Jasmine is also married and the proud owner of a gold wedding ring - her father's.In its place though, one of you could soon be the proud owner of an Action Replay cartridge.Ten lucky readers will be the proud owners of the latest Karrimor performance jackets.Not long after I'd started the notebook, I became the proud owner of my first pair of binoculars.Scheer is the proud owner of a copy of the Declaration of Independence.She is now the proud owner of an enviable figure, comparable with some one half her age.Three weeks later and thanks to the filter matting, I was the proud owner of five new Zebra Finches.You are not yet the proud owner of the copier you have come for.
From King Business Dictionaryownerown‧er /ˈəʊnəˈoʊnər/ noun [countable]1a person or organization that owns somethingLegally, the buyer becomes the owner at the instant the contract is made.The bank’s new fixed-rate mortgage is proving popular with home owners.owner ofThe publisher is the owner of the trademark ‘Oxford’. beneficial owner part owner process owner2at (the) owner’s risk if something is bought or taken somewhere at the owner’s risk, the owner, not the person selling it or taking it, is responsible if it is damaged or lostLuggage is carried at the owner’s risk.