Word family noun turn upturn turning adjective upturned verb turn overturn
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overturno‧ver‧turn /ˌəʊvəˈtɜːn $ ˌoʊvərˈtɜːrn/ ●●○ verb 1 [intransitive, transitive]TURN if you overturn something, or if it overturns, it turns upside down or falls over on its side Leslie jumped to her feet, overturning her chair. His car overturned, trapping him inside.2 overturn a decision/verdict etc3 [transitive]PMPG to suddenly remove a government from power, especially by using violence SYN overthrow
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Examples from the Corpus
overturnNurse jailed for hitting patient has conviction overturned.One of the boats had overturned.The execution ended a 14-year battle to have Bannister's death sentence overturned.During the riots several cars were overturned and set on fire.The truck had overturned, but the driver was not injured.Wolf was found guilty of treason, but the conviction was overturned by Germany's highest court in 1995.Cruz's house arrest and dismissal were overturned by the Supreme Court on Dec. 29, but he remained suspended from office.Protestors overturned cars and set fire to them.Fans roamed the streets, overturning cars with foreign license plates.The wind was so strong that it overturned dustbins and wrecked fences.In recent months, Milhoan has written lengthy rebuttals to senior Navy officials in hopes of overturning his dismissal.The whole crew was drowned when their boat overturned in a storm.Today's ruling overturns part of a lower court's decision on July 25.In short, for every argument there was a counter argument, or a later discovery overturned the accepted wisdom.A majority of those voting can overturn the actions of their own elected representatives.An appeals court overturned the convictions in 1979.The House of Lords overturned the decision.Government rules prevent the use of that money to build council houses but Coun Munsey wants Mr Major to overturn those policies.