overall majority

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overall majorityˌoverall maˈjority noun [countable] British English 1 PPVmore votes than all the other political parties together The Conservatives had a huge overall majority in the House of Commons.2 PPVthe difference between the number of votes gained by the winning party and the total votes gained by all the other parties an overall majority of 28
Examples from the Corpus
overall majorityThe Conservatives won 330 seats, against 287 for Labour, and an overall majority of 30.More than double, 65 percent, would prefer the Tories or Labour to have an overall majority.To have an overall majority a party needs to win 326 seats.Ladbrokes are offering 55-1 against Party Politics winning today and Labour having an overall majority in the election.The Tories therefore would fall 12 seats short of an overall majority.If Labour took all 42, it would still be 13 seats short of an overall majority.The government was elected in October 1974 with an overall majority of three.Before hearing the poll results, Mr Major and Mr Kinnock voiced their confidence that they would win with an overall majority.