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outriggerout‧rig‧ger /ˈaʊtˌrɪɡə $ -ər/ noun [countable] 1 TTWa long piece of wood that is attached to the side of a boat, especially a canoe, to prevent it from turning over in the water2 TTWa boat with an outrigger
Examples from the Corpus
outriggerPeople paddle kayaks and outriggers along the shore, and catamarans whizz by, leaning precariously on one hull.There were banana gardens and pawpaw trees, and outriggers lazed on the lagoon.The cross members and bulkhead outriggers are in the same places and it fits straight on.Some went fishing from a small outrigger canoe they paddled out into the lagoon.The complete design team photographed before modification to give greater dihedral on the outriggers.The most serious of these is on the outriggers just forward of each rear wheel.The rear suspension location arms bolt to these outriggers, and will simply tear free if rust is bad.A soccer player and runner in high school, he had taken up outrigger canoeing before the accident.