From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutlastout‧last /aʊtˈlɑːst $ -ˈlæst/ verb [transitive] LONG TIMEto continue to exist or be effective for a longer time than something else Smith outlasted his rivals in the council to become leader in 1996. A leather sofa will usually outlast a cloth one. outlive→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
outlastAlthough awareness outlasts attention, it is by attending that one arrives at, maintains and renews it.They outlasted Oakland, battled past Seattle and survived the last steps of a marathon Game 1 with the Mets.From his Godlike prominence, Ward could see the truth: Athens can not outlast the barbarians.We asked Volvo, famed for cars that outlast the hardiest perennials, to find a solution.Dissidents in Havana believe his regime would not long outlast the lifting of sanctions.The employers felt that designated counsellors had outlasted their usefulness.Other restaurants have come and gone in the neighborhood, but Shien's has outlasted them all.