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outfitout‧fit1 /ˈaʊtfɪt/ ●●○ noun [countable] 1 DCCa set of clothes worn together, especially for a special occasion She bought a new outfit for the party. a cowboy outfit2 informalGROUP OF PEOPLE a group of people who work together as a team or organization My outfit was sent to Italy during the war. a small advertising outfit in San Diego3 TD British English a set of equipment that you need for a particular purpose or job SYN kit a tyre repair outfit
Examples from the Corpus
outfitan outfit of 120 engineersAn outfit called the Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression was suitably outraged about the events.That's a beautiful outfit you're wearing.Take time to plan your bridal outfit, but don't forget the groom.I know another guide who says she has a different umbrella for every outfit she owns.Even his outfit will be a no-frills, casual black ensemble.a five-piece jazz outfitShe went out and spent $200 on a new outfit for the party.As a result, the traditional party outfit of flamboyant cravat and tweed jacket has been replaced by the ninety-nine-pound wool suit.At a photographic session, she will wear a figure-hugging leopard print outfit of cross-over top and skin tight leggings.We got outrageous clothes - total outfits.I love your outfit!
outfitoutfit2 verb (outfitted, outfitting) [transitive] DCCDLto provide someone or something with a set of clothes or equipment, especially ones that are needed for a particular purpose SYN kit outoutfit somebody/something with something a car outfitted with dual controls for driver trainingoutfit somebody in something Members outfit themselves in Civil War clothing.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
outfitThis army tried to outfit all its soldiers.No, he was not outfitted for stalking anything.The pole is carried between a pair of turning wagon wheels, pulled by two red horses outfitted in bronze finery.To a Clinton outfitted in topknot and kimono.Police had been outfitted with protective riot gear.
From King Business Dictionaryoutfitout‧fit1 /ˈaʊtfɪt/ noun [countable] informal a small company or organization, especially one that not many people know abouta research and development outfitThese outfits are solo lawyers or small law firms that advertise themselves as experts.outfitoutfit2 verb (outfitted, outfitting) [transitive] to prepare a vehicle, building, piece of equipment etc for a particular purposeThe company won an order to outfit a new medical center.outfit something with somethingThe group has outfitted its delivery trucks with computers.outfitting adjective [only before a noun]the ship outfitting division of Yarrow Shipbuilders→ See Verb table