From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutcomeout‧come /ˈaʊtkʌm/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun [countable] RESULTthe final result of a meeting, discussion, war etc – used especially when no one knows what it will be until it actually happens SYN resultoutcome of It was impossible to predict the outcome of the election. People who had heard the evidence at the trial were surprised at the outcome.see thesaurus at resultRegisterOutcome is slightly formal and is used mostly in writing. In everyday English, people are more likely to talk about what happened:It was impossible to predict what would happen in the election.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + outcome the final/ultimate outcomeThe final outcome of the investigation is still to be announced.The ultimate outcome of this controversy remains in doubt.a likely outcomeWhat is the likely outcome of the election?a possible outcomeWhen you throw a die, there are six possible outcomes.a successful outcomeHopes for a successful outcome to the war were fading.a positive outcome (=a good result)Everyone is hoping for a positive outcome to the talks.a happy outcome (=a good result, especially one that makes everyone happy)Adopting a child does not automatically result in a happy outcome.a satisfactory outcomeOur main aim is to achieve a satisfactory outcome for both parties.the desired outcomeThe desired outcome of most services is a satisfied customer.a favourable/unfavourable outcomeConsiderable progress has been made towards a favourable outcome.Discontinuing treatment too early may result in an unfavourable outcome.a learning outcome (=what someone is supposed to learn from something)It is important to set teaching objectives and learning outcomes.a policy outcome (=what happens when a particular policy is used)A number of factors affect policy outcomes.a treatment outcome (=what happens whan a particular medical treatment is used)Funding is provided to collect and analyze data on treatment outcomes.a health outcome (=how healthy someone is after using a particular treatment, system etc)the assessment of health outcomesverbshave an outcomeThe meeting had a very satisfactory outcome.affect/influence the outcomeDid coverage in the media affect the outcome of the trial?decide/determine the outcome (=be the thing that causes the final result)This move ultimately decided the outcome of the conflict.At the leadership elections today, it is their votes that will determine the outcome.predict the outcome (=say what the final result will be)It is too early to predict the final outcome of the survey.await the outcome (=wait for the final result)Medical science must await the outcome of proper international debate.
Examples from the Corpus
outcomeThe talks had a better outcome than we had originally hoped.Qualitative judgements are then derived from the positive or negative outcome of the quantities involved.No outcome seems too impossible or, at least, unworthy of valiant effort.The negotiations are continuing, and we are hoping for a positive outcome.Criteria should not be a list of every possible outcome and / or process that is a component of total care.Then we can allow ourselves to feel subjectively good about the outcome, whatever our objective achievement.The patient's general health and fitness can also affect the outcome of the disease.The campaign is still young, and the outcome could change drastically as it did four years ago.And the outcome of all this was to go back to the basics.At this point, I wouldn't even try to predict the outcome, but we're hoping for the best.It's impossible to say for sure what the outcome of the election will be.Whatever the outcome, I hope we remain friends.Which outcome is better for society?A win-win outcome is where all parties involved are successful in achieving their objectives.outcome offactors that influenced the outcome of the war