From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutburstout‧burst /ˈaʊtbɜːst $ -bɜːrst/ ●○○ noun [countable] 1 ANGRYsomething you say suddenly that expresses a strong emotion, especially anger He later apologized for his outburst.emotional/violent/angry outburst his father’s violent outbursts of temperoutburst of an outburst of anger2 INCREASE IN ACTIVITY, FEELINGS ETCa sudden short increase in an activityoutburst of an outburst of creative energy outbursts of violence
Examples from the Corpus
outbursta fresh outburst of violence in the regionAnd yet he said nothing to provoke her outburst.Corbin apologized for his outburst at the meeting.Frequent church hopping, intermittent attendance and inappropriate outbursts of anger by the husband can also be signals.His moments of inspiration did much to elevate the Stuttgart event, a relaxed affair apart from the odd obligatory outburst.I was embarrassed by my husband's outburst.And it becomes necessary to self-motivate yourself during a game instead of relying on a spontaneous outburst of noise from the fans.He had sudden outbursts of furious anger which were always fatal to the often innocent objects.He moves slowly back, unsure of the reason behind my sudden outburst.I couldn't possibly know, but that outburst, understandable as it was, greatly disturbed me.When the outburst comes it is very effective.The lyricism of Tennyson's poetry is magnificent.outburst ofoutbursts of anger