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organicor‧gan‧ic /ɔːˈɡænɪk $ ɔːr-/ ●●○ W3 adjective 1 farmingTANATURAL relating to farming or gardening methods of growing food without using artificial chemicals, or produced or grown by these methods Organic farming is better for the environment. organic gardeningorganic food/vegetables/milk etc The shop sells organic food. organic wine2 developmentNATURAL change or development which is organic happens in a natural way, without anyone planning it or forcing it to happen The company’s path to success was by means of organic growth.3 living thingsLIVING/ALIVE living, or produced by or from living things OPP inorganic Adding organic matter such as manure can improve the soil. Bacteria act on organic waste.4 part of somethingDEPEND ON/RELY ONan organic system or relationship is one in which the parts or people fit well and in a comfortable way with each other an organic relationship between the individual and his community They believe in the organic unity of the universe.5 body organsHB relating to the organs of the body organic diseasesorganically /-kli/ adverb organically produced cheese A writer’s style must develop organically.COLLOCATIONSnounsorganic food/vegetables etcOur restaurant uses only fresh organic vegetables.Many people think that organic food is better for farming (=farming without using artificial chemicals)the environmental benefits of organic farming organic farmers/farmsOrganic farmers build up soil fertility by crop rotation.Synthetic fertilisers are banned on organic produce formal (=food produced by organic farming)The store stocks a wide range of organic produce.verbsgo organic (=buy only organic food, or use only organic methods to farm)Not all families can afford to go organic.become organic (=use only organic methods to farm)More farms are becoming organic, but it is not always an easy choice.adverbstotally/fully organic (=containing only food that is produced using organic methods)All the ingredients are totally organic.
Examples from the Corpus
organicNowadays I only buy meat that is organic.Saturated hydrocarbons can burn to aldehydes, alcohols to organic acids, and aromatics to unsaturated compounds which are pungent and irritating.For this recipe, use a free-range, organic chicken.Imagine an entire city of Gaudi buildings, a human-made forest of planted homes and organic churches.Paints today are getting safer as companies remove volatile organic compounds, but you still need to be dyesTwo studies suggest a possible organic explanation for the disease.They are demanding more government support for organic farmers.Several farmers in the county have moved to organic farming recently.Organic fruit is generally more expensive.There is an organic link in each song between the words and musicorganic material such as leaves, bark, and grassA more organic metaphor is needed to describe the process of transition.Most supermarkets now sell organic produce.Worried by repeated food scares, more and more people are buying organic products.There was another big increase last year in the demand for organic vegetables.It is an organic view of the organization.This magnificent vision of church and society united as an organic whole was, however, doomed to disintegrate.Clark's proposals see the tax and welfare systems as a single organic food/vegetables/milk etcThe children ate organic foods from health food stores and from the garden at their home.April 1992: the first wholesale organic food market was opened in London.The organic food most commonly found in a delicatessen is cheese.This price gulf mirrors the problem with organic food: most shoppers are put off buying it because it's too expensive.In 1996, organic milk sales totaled $ 30 million.The secret of the remarkable production by plants of both oxygen and organic food substances is of course wasteThe lagoons would be lined and filled with organic waste, after recyclable materials had been separated.That treatment system, which only removes organic waste, costs $ 41,000 annually to operate and maintain.Producing methane gas from landfill sites, sewage works and organic wastes is another extremely practical use of resources.A plastic dustbin with breeding colony on to which organic waste is showered.Food, wood, the organic wastes of animals and plants are all forms of biomass.Process Description Catalytic hydrogenation of contaminated organic waste streams is carried out at moderate temperatures and pressures.Nevertheless, sustained horticulture needs an abundant supply of organic waste to maintain soil structure and unityWhere it is different, Moore calls the whole in question an organic unity.From this it would follow that the principle of organic unities has no clear meaning.There is his basic scheme of an organic unity in life, a principle that is extended to human thought.The principle of organic unities is wielded as yet another weapon against hedonism.Until such questions are satisfactorily answered, evaluation of the principle of organic unities remains problematic.Post-structuralist critics will deny that literature possesses the organic unity to which the New Critics attached so much weight.Moore grants that all very great goods are organic unities which have pleasure as a part.It is an organic unity with a multiplicity of parts.
From King Business Dictionaryorganicor‧gan‧ic /ɔːˈgænɪkɔːr-/ adjective1FARMINGrelating to methods of growing food without using artificial chemicalsThey claim that organic farming is better for the environment.the expanding market for organic produce2COMMERCEthe organic growth of a company involves developing its existing business rather than buying other companiesWe’ll look to grow through a mixture of organic growth and acquisition.