Word family noun opposition opposite adjective opposedunopposed opposing opposite verb oppose adverb opposite
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoppositeop‧po‧site1 /ˈɒpəzət $ ˈɑːp-/ ●●● S2 W2 preposition 1 OPPOSITE/FACE especially British English if one thing or person is opposite another, they are facing each other The people sitting opposite us looked very familiar. on the wall opposite the doorDo not say that one thing is ‘opposite to’ or ‘opposite of’ another. Say that one thing is opposite another: There’s a car park opposite the hotel.2 play/star/appear etc opposite somebody
Examples from the Corpus
oppositePut the piano opposite the sofa.
oppositeopposite2 ●●● S3 W2 adjective [only before noun] 1 OPPOSITE/REVERSEas different as possible from something else I thought the medicine would make him sleep, but it had the opposite effect.at the opposite end of the scale/spectrum two parties at opposite ends of the political spectrum At the opposite extreme, Ashworth’s style is very simple and modern. Bob was quicker than Ed? It’s usually the opposite way round.opposite to a political philosophy that was opposite to everything she believed in2 OPPOSITE/FACEthe opposite direction, way etc is directly away from someone or something She turned and walked off in the opposite direction. But the sign was pointing the opposite way.3 OPPOSITE/FACEthe opposite side, corner, edge etc of something is on the other side of the same area, often facing it The store was on the opposite side of the street. the drawing on the opposite page They work at opposite ends of the country (=a long distance apart), so only see each other at weekends.4 the opposite sex5 somebody’s opposite number
Examples from the Corpus
oppositeGetting angry with him didn't work, so I tried the opposite approach.It is strange how two scientists studying the same problem can come to completely opposite conclusions.He saw the propeller contact something and then appear to rotate in the opposite direction as the engine stopped.Raising interest rates to slow the economy may have the opposite effect.The medicine was supposed to make him sleepy, but it had the opposite effect.two words with opposite meaningsMy opposite numbers, you understand.As shown in the figure on the opposite page, these new elements represent the results that each technique tends to yield.Margaret has very strong opinions, but she always tries to understand the opposite point of view.During the summer there wasn't enough rain, but now we have the opposite problem.The sun has come to a standstill, hours above the river and the opposite shore.McFarlane, who had no exact counterpart on the opposite side, stood with Nitze and Max Kampelman.We have opposite viewpoints on almost everything.We're good friends, but we have opposite views when it comes to politics.opposite toa political philosophy that was opposite to everything she believed inthe opposite wayInstead of the government spending its resources for defense, we must turn it the opposite way.On the other hand, the opposing approach used by social anthropologists and ethnographers fails as a solution in the opposite way.She glowered in our direction and then lit out the opposite way.Maggie's gone the opposite way from Tesco's; her heels are sinking into grass.Not to mention the bumps and bruises on the centre's staff going the opposite way in a hurry.We encountered no one besides a farmer on a tractor going the opposite way, outside Cordova.But District 13 had done it in the opposite way: through strong, autocratic leadership.And if the under-sheet is rotated the opposite way to the top one the patient need not even get out.on the opposite side ofPrimo waves his hand at his own reflection and that of the empty seat on the opposite side of the aisle.Instead, the former World Champion lunged at a white bishop on the opposite side of the board.But the play was called back after Kofi Nartey was called for holding on the opposite side of the field.The Show was held in the meadows on the higher ground on the opposite side of the lake.Even heavy trucks and buses are prohibited; they are confined to the Shenandoah Valley on the opposite side of the mountains.Puddephat's rooms are on the opposite side of the quad from mine.I was downstream and on the opposite side of the river.It was parked beyond his flat on the opposite side of the road.I think our hotel is on the opposite side of the street.
oppositeopposite3 ●●○ noun [countable] 1 OPPOSITE/REVERSEa person or thing that is as different as possible from someone or something elseopposite of What’s the opposite of ‘optimistic’? She’s quite shy, the exact opposite of Becky. The two men were complete opposites – Simon tall and fair, Clive short and dark. If anything, the opposite was true. Is it sensible to think of masculine/feminine as polar opposites (=exactly or completely opposite)?2 not ... just/quite the opposite3 opposites attractCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2adjectivesthe complete/total oppositeShe is the complete opposite of her sister.the exact/precise/direct oppositeMy own experience says that the exact opposite is true.the polar opposite of something (also polar opposites) (=used about two things, people etc that are completely opposite)These two viewpoints seem like polar opposites.Mum was the polar opposite of dear old Dad.phrasesthe opposite is the case/is truePeople believe the Sun moved around the Earth, but Copernicus showed that the opposite was the case.exactly/precisely the opposite (=completely different than what has been said)It looks simple, but it is exactly the opposite.the very opposite (=exactly the opposite)Exercise does not increase the appetite - in fact, the very opposite is true.just/quite the opposite (=exactly the opposite)He wasn’t laughing. Quite the opposite, in fact.verbsdo the oppositeWhatever I tell him to do, he does the opposite.
Examples from the Corpus
oppositeThe two sisters are complete opposites.This may not always be so - indeed, the exact opposite may be the case.Gloraida Malave, for example, was the exact opposite of Mones or Abukar.Claire Chennault was the temperamental opposite of Stilwell.In Britain we have the opposite.Indeed, on a scientific level, the opposite seems to be happening.Charles Nagy was the opposite, seemingly ready to be assisted out of Camden Yards a half-dozen times.All postures are mocked by their opposites.polar oppositesThese federal decisions are polar opposites.First of all, is it sensible to think of masculine/feminine as polar opposites?What may appear in their presentation as polar opposites are in reality shifting points on a continuum.The two views seem like polar opposites, either-or propositions, thesis and antithesis.In fact the two strains-puritanism and pentecostalism-seem in some way to be nearly polar opposites.Eikmeyer's fundamental insight is that co-operation and non-co-operation are not simply polar opposites along a scale.When you bring together two polar opposites, the classless one will always drag the other one down.
oppositeopposite4 adverb especially British English OPPOSITE/FACEin a position on the other side of the same area Hannah lives just opposite.
Examples from the Corpus
oppositeMy cousin was sitting opposite.Our Lady of Lourdes looked at the doorway opposite her in a gesture of supplication.Nell, unsure of the worth of his compliment, nevertheless sat down opposite him, even if temporarily.She sat opposite him in his office with the door firmly closed.How could he explain to the old woman sitting opposite him that he wore a five thousand pound watch?General Vashinov sat opposite him, to his left and half way up the table.Uncle Albert pointed sternly to the chair opposite him.It benefits from a lovely site, opposite the parish church and close to farm buildings, away from the village centre.
Origin opposite2 (1300-1400) French Latin, past participle of opponere; OPPOSE