From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishopiniono‧pin‧ion /əˈpɪnjən/ ●●● S1 W2 noun 1 [countable, uncountable]OPINION your ideas or beliefs about a particular subjectopinion of What’s your opinion of Cathy?opinion on He asked his wife’s opinion on every important decision.opinion about The two women had very different opinions about drugs.in my opinion (=used when giving your opinion) In my opinion, the law should be changed.Grammar Don’t say: on my opinion | according to my opinion view1(1)RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say I think ... rather than my opinion is ... or in my opinion .... In questions, people usually ask what do you think? rather than what is your opinion? What do you think of Cathy?2 [countable]ADVISE judgment or advice from a professional person about something When choosing an insurance policy it’s best to get an independent opinion. My doctor says I need an operation, but I’ve asked for a second opinion (=advice from a second doctor to make sure that the first advice is right). They took the painting to get an expert opinion (=an opinion from someone who knows a lot).3 have a high/low/good/bad etc opinion of somebody/something4 be of the opinion (that)COLLOCATIONSverbshave/hold an opinionEveryone seemed to have a different opinion.He holds strong opinions on these issues.ask somebody (for) their opinion (also ask for somebody’s opinion)We asked people for their opinions about the Olympics.Nobody asked my opinion.It’s a good idea to ask people for their opinions and suggestions.give/express an opinion (=say what your opinion is)He gave his opinion only when asked.voice/state an opinion written (=give your opinion, especially in a formal situation)She has every right to voice her opinion.form an opinion (=gradually decide what your opinion is)Olson had not yet formed an opinion as to Mark’s reliability.adjectivesthe general opinion (=the opinion that most people have about something)The general opinion seems to be that the government has made a mess of the war.popular/public opinion (=what ordinary people think about something)How much do newspapers influence popular opinion?somebody’s personal opinionMy personal opinion is that his first film was better.strong opinionsPeople have strong opinions about this subject.phraseshave a difference of opinion (= two people disagree)He and Luke had a difference of opinion.something is a matter of opinion (=used to say that you disagree, or that people disagree about something)‘He’s a very nice man.’ ‘That’s a matter of opinion, ’ thought Sam.contrary to popular opinion (=in spite of what most people think)Contrary to popular opinion, many cats dislike milk.in my humble opinion (=used when giving your opinion, especially when you want to emphasize what you are about to say)In my humble opinion, he is the greatest sportsman Britain has produced.keep your opinions to yourself (=not say what you really think)As the youngest person there, I knew enough to keep my opinions to myself.opinion is divided as to/on/over something (=people have different opinions about it)Opinion was divided as to whether the program will work.everyone is entitled to their opinion (=used especially when politely disagreeing with what someone says)Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I can't accept what he is saying. COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘say your opinion’. Say give your opinion or express your opinion. THESAURUSopinion what you think about something or someonePeople didn’t usually ask his opinion about anything.She has rather a low opinion of young people.view your opinion about a serious or important issueShe has strong views about education.In my view, footballers are paid too much.point of view your opinion, especially when this is influenced by the situation you are inFrom a farmer’s point of view, foxes are a nuisance.It all depends on your point of view.position the official opinion of a government, political party, or someone in authorityThe prime minister has made his position perfectly clear.The party has changed its position on nuclear weapons.attitude your opinions and feelings about something or someone, especially when this shows in your behaviourMy parents and I have very different attitudes to life.It was his attitude to women that shocked me. school of thought an opinion that one group of people have about a subject, especially when this is different from that of another groupThere is one school of thought that says that coffee is addictive and is therefore a bad thing.There are two schools of thought on this.
Examples from the Corpus
opinionOpinion seemed to be moving in favor of the president's accusers.Opinions vary widely on this matter.Please phone in with your comments and opinions.They have very different opinions about religion.an expert opinionYet at the same time he can not afford to ignore hardline opinion at home.He acknowledged that he had no evidence to support his opinion.He's entitled to his opinion, of course, but it does not give him the right to be offensive.The difficulty is in knowing what local opinion really has to say on these matters.Politicians generally have a low opinion of the press.Medical opinion is divided as to the effectiveness of the new drug.In 10 years of teaching, I have never been asked my opinion on any matter of policy.In my opinion, most lawyers are overpaid.Do you really want my opinion?Many board members said they had no opinion on Goldman's proposal.I just have a difference of opinion with Sen.The only difference of opinion so far has been over boxing.Although this conversation too has sequences of opinion and justification, it does not proceed in a linear fashion.He might well have formed his own opinion but he knew that would not bear cross-examination at some later date.The Lords can publicise matters and delay action for long enough to allow public opinion to make itself felt.This is, in the opinion of the critics, their best record for years.The coroner was of the opinion that the man had been dead for only 24 hours.The rating a film gets reflects the opinions of our reviewers.About 100 people showed up to express their opinions about the project.There may be a complicated chain of cause and effect on which opinions will differ.Their refusal to obey UN regulations had a major effect on world opinion.expert opinionProcess assessments compare the documented care with what is accepted as optimum practice based on current scientific nutrition knowledge and expert opinion.For it to be expert opinion is invaluable.Here is where the most important split of all divides expert opinion.Which is what Mr Walker said last week, against the flood of expert opinion on what his vote would mean.But now it sits scowling outside the conversation of humankind, offering expert opinion with a sneer.These commissions have drawn on expert opinion from the social science community, and found evidence for both sides.They are drafted by permanent government officials who are concerned to seek out expert opinion on the issues in question.Or was he entitled to act solely on his own expert opinion?
Origin opinion (1300-1400) French Latin opinio