From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishold-fashionedˌold-ˈfashioned ●●● W2 adjective 1 OLD-FASHIONEDnot considered to be modern or fashionable anymore OPP fashionable She wears really old-fashioned clothes! old-fashioned farming methods The idea seems rather old-fashioned now.2 OLD-FASHIONEDsomeone who is old-fashioned has ideas, attitudes etc that were more usual in the past than now SYN conservative He’s very old-fashioned when it comes to music.THESAURUSold-fashioned not considered modern or fashionable – used about styles of clothes, furniture etc, or about words and ideasThe room was full of big old-fashioned furniture.I can’t wear that dress – it’s too old-fashioned.He had a lot of good old-fashioned values.out-of-date not containing the most recent information and therefore not usefulThis guidebook is completely out-of-date.outdated used about machines, equipment, or methods that are old-fashioned and have been replaced by better, more recent onesIn today’s world, technology rapidly becomes outdated.The accident was blamed on an outdated rail network.dated used about styles etc that were fashionable until recently but now look old-fashionedThe pictures in this book already look a bit dated.I liked the food but the decor in the restaurant was very dated.unfashionable not fashionable and not popular with people anymore They lived in an unfashionable part of London. The word ‘patriotic’ has become rather unfashionable these days.obsolete old-fashioned – used about machines and equipment that are no longer being produced because better ones have been inventedThese days, you buy a computer and it’s almost immediately obsolete.Many laboratories use obsolete equipment and do not receive enough funding. antiquated formal old and not suitable for modern needs and conditionsantiquated ideas about the constitution an antiquated central heating systemantiquated technology
Examples from the Corpus
old-fashionedI don't wear that skirt now - it looks so old-fashioned.In those days, people believed that divorce was morally wrong, but this now seems very old-fashioned.Most of the students found the course material boring and old-fashioned.A lot of the machines at the factory are very old-fashioned.Willi made his way over to Madge Grimsilk, coughed, hesitated, then bowed in a very old-fashioned and courtly way.My Dad was very old-fashioned and didn't approve of me going to nightclubs with my friends.He rides one of those old-fashioned bikes with high handlebars.Old-fashioned ceiling fans have been making a comeback as a cheap and reliable alternative to air conditioning.old-fashioned clothesThe system uses fiber-optic cable instead of the old-fashioned copper wire.her strict, old-fashioned fatherHe was a nice, old-fashioned gentleman who would hold open the door for you or offer to carry your bags.The explosion from the big old-fashioned gun was deafening.good old-fashioned home cookingold-fashioned ideas about sexHe has some very old-fashioned ideas about women.Mandy was carrying a big old-fashioned leather briefcase.Jayojit observes his parents' old-fashioned marriage; they come to terms with his modern divorce.The flattening of organizations means that all employees have to learn that old-fashioned promotion is not the only way of getting ahead.Cromer is a charmingly old-fashioned resort that has changed little over the years.Albert was a tall, gangling man with long blond hair, like an old-fashioned rock star's.In many ways the village is a very old-fashioned sort of place.The old-fashioned three-bay barn - the centre bay with doors each end for loading - has much in its favour.It has done it the old-fashioned way, with teamwork, better quality and new models that appeal to its customers.Then they beat the Broncos the old-fashioned way.'Wireless' is an old-fashioned word for radio.