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offstageoff‧stage /ˌɒfˈsteɪdʒ◂ $ ˌɒːf-/ adverb 1 APTjust behind or to the side of a stage in a theatre, where the people watching a play cannot see OPP onstage There was a loud crash offstage.2 APTwhen an actor is not acting Offstage, Peter seemed a shy sort of person.offstage adjective offstage noises
Examples from the Corpus
offstageBut until then, the mustachioed 44-year-old with drowsy eyes is remaining scrupulously offstage.Halie, his wife, spends a lot of time offstage.In the first London stage production, Sweeney pursued Doris with a razor, and her screams were heard offstage.She herself did not expect to lead: she had all the success and power she needed, offstage.Though Cosby joked about it, Ennis' school performance in those years was anything but funny offstage.He rushed offstage and up to Lesley-Jane's dressing room.The two were as different offstage as on.Miki then dives offstage during Ministry's set.Offstage, Peter always seemed a quiet, shy sort of person.