From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishofficiallyof‧fi‧cial‧ly /əˈfɪʃəli/ ●●○ adverb 1 PUBLIC/NOT PRIVATEpublicly or formally The new church was officially opened on July 5th. Nothing has yet been officially announced. The scheme was officially launched in May. Has the company officially confirmed the appointment? the number of officially recognized political parties2 [sentence adverb]PUBLIC/NOT PRIVATE according to what someone says publicly, even though this may not be true Officially, the talks never took place.
Examples from the Corpus
officiallyThe changes to borders were officially announced in the European Parliament.Experts are now being called out to check this tress vital statistics, and establish it officially as a record breaker.At that stage, Britain and Germany were still not officially at war.Although he is now officially bankrupt, the underworld mastermind still has a multi-million-pound property empire.Wanuskewin Heritage Park officially came into being in 1989 via an act of the Saskatchewan Legislature.Officially, Carter resigned, but everyone knows he was fired.In effect, it officially condoned segregation.thirty square miles of woodland that has been officially designated an Area of Outstanding Natural BeautyNow we had to get the document that would officially make us husband and wife.The details of the reforms are to be released officially next month.That makes me officially not part of the exalted Baby Boom generation.So far, although Pottz was now officially numero uno, he still hadn't actually won in Hawaii.The motorway will be officially opened at the end of the month.Three players were officially reprimanded for fighting on the field.officially launchedAbout 320 people attended the Congregational Tea and the scheme was officially launched.This tax relief will no longer be available to new buyers of waiver of premium once the stakeholder is officially launched.That announcement came as the Reform Party officially launched its own petition drive to win Texas ballot access in November.