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officialdomof‧fi‧cial‧dom /əˈfɪʃəldəm/ noun [uncountable] PGOgovernment departments or the people who work in them – used when you think they are not helpfulbureaucracy
Examples from the Corpus
officialdomAnd officialdom shows disturbing signs of believing the flattery.Tired of traffic, incorporation spats, breezy officialdom and the dead office air?Why do we have to be so humiliated by officialdom?Mr Ueberroth got still less help from officialdom.He had seen this aspect of officialdom before.They like to see officialdom and the upper classes getting a kick up the backside.Dealing with Soviet officialdom one became used to surprises.It would simply mean that officialdom, and his country, had forgiven him.