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officerof‧fi‧cer /ˈɒfəsə $ ˈɒːfəsər, ˈɑː-/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 PMsomeone who is in a position of authority in the army, navy etcan army/naval/military etc officer a commanding officer of the SAS2 PGOsomeone who is in a position in an organization or the government a prison officer the chief medical officer the organization's public information officer The document must be certified by the proper officer of the state. chief executive officer, → press officer at press office, probation officer, returning officer3 SCPa member of the police SYN police officer, policeman, policewoman a request for 400 more officers4 Officer
Examples from the Corpus
officerCrane has been an officer since 1966.He's an officer in the US Marines.She was not one for planning or manoeuvring but confidential reports are kept on Salvation Army officers throughout their careers.The investigation will be led by Officer Murdoch.Colonel Gary G. Mahle is the commanding officer here.the government contracting officerIt took around fifty officers two hours to bring it under control.Apple Computer reached outside the personal computer industry yesterday for a new chief financial officer.the chief financial officera Marine officerHe was succeeded by Robert Greber, who had served as president and chief operating officer.What's the problem, officer?One of the officers showed me into the aeroplane and himself sat down in the pilot's seat.Ruben Marx, then a security branch warrant officer.A police car slowed down, the two young officers looked carefully.commanding officerThe buddy patrol will not interfere with any police matter, unless instructed by a commanding officer.His recommendation was that a commanding officer be appointed with an administrative staff.Phyllis Blanton, commanding officer of the Monterey Coast Guard station.Upon orders from his commanding officer, Nickerson went to the rear.However, its commanding officer, Maj.-Gen.In ships at sea chaplains or commanding officers have pre-recorded tapes containing organ accompaniments and a compilation of hymns.Dysart's commanding officer on his very first ship to be precise.A kind letter from the commanding officer, his kit bag.
OfficerOfficerAmerican EnglishSCP a title for a policeman or policewoman Officer Murdoch officerFrom King Business Dictionaryofficerof‧fi‧cer /ˈɒfəsəˈɒːfəsər, ˈɑː-/ noun [countable]HUMAN RESOURCES someone who has an important position in an organization. ‘Officer’ is often used in job titlesa local government officera personnel officer careers officer Chief Executive Officer chief financial officer chief information officer chief operating officer company officer compliance officer knowledge officer press officer procurement officer public relations officer see also careers officer