From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishofferof‧fer1 /ˈɒfə $ ˈɒːfər, ˈɑː-/ ●●● S1 W1 verb 1 [transitive]OFFER to ask someone if they would like to have something, or to hold something out to them so that they can take itoffer somebody something Can I offer you something to drink? They offered him a very good job, but he turned it down.offer something to somebody Maureen lit a cigarette and offered one to Lucy. The drama school offers places to students who can show talent.2 [intransitive, transitive]OFFER to say that you are willing to do something I don’t need any help, but it was nice of you to offer.offer to do something My dad has offered to pick us up. The newspaper offered to apologise for the article.3 [transitive]PROVIDE to provide something that people need or wantoffer advice/help/support etc Your doctor should be able to offer advice on diet.offer an opportunity/chance/possibility The course offers the opportunity to specialize in the final year. A number of groups offer their services free of charge. The Centre offers a wide range of sports facilities.offer something to somebody I did what I could to offer comfort to the family.4 have something to offer (somebody)5 [transitive]OFFER to say that you are willing to pay a particular amount of money for somethingoffer (somebody) something for something They’ve offered us £75,000 for the house. The police are offering a reward for any information.6 offer (up) a prayer/sacrifice etc7 offer itself8 offer your hand (to somebody)→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
offer"Do you want me to look after the children next week?" "No, but thanks for offering."Better Schools signalled the government's intention to offer a further statement on the organisation and content of the 5-16 curriculum.Chaldon was offered a huge salary to become team manager.Police are offering a reward for information about the shooting.She was the kind of teacher who was always ready to offer advice and encouragement.Sending goods by road offers greater speed and flexibility.I'd like to offer help if you need it.The prison now offers inmates the chance to study and take exams.At a rodeo in Billings, organizers offer literature defending their treatment of livestock to counter animal-rights objections.Some guy offered me £2,000 for the car. I just laughed and hung up the phone.She didn't even offer me a cup of tea.He offered no explanation for his actions.Watch out ... Bathtime Bear offers no less than 10 different activities.The booklet offers practical advice to new parents.Voters were offered real choices, within limits.The faint hope he had offered shrivelled and died in the heat of the hungry, leaping flames.The shelter offers some protection from the icy winds.Unfortunately, they offered the contract to someone else.In addition to the benefits conferred by Development Zone status, Tadchester has a good deal to offer the industrialist.I've been offered the job!Mr Bessen said he plans to offer the same deal again to customers starting Friday.Why don't you offer them a drink while I finish getting dinner ready?I offered to help her with the dishes.The city will offer various leagues and instructional programs.Can I offer you a ride?offer something to somebodyThey are likely to offer the top job to someone from within the company.Both airlines offer a discount to travelers over 60.offer to do somethingIt was nice of Amy to offer to babysit this Friday.At once Theseus came forward and offered to be one of the victims.She was fired, even though she offered to buy non-toxic dishwashing detergent for the center.Erlich had offered to help them with anything they might shout for, and he had been turned offer to helpWhat was here being offered to her she took with both hands, roused and grateful.Labour is offering to people who are presently enjoying the benefits of compulsory competitive tendering a promise to scrap it.The chest that was now ash, gray, cold windblown memory, an offering to progress, to assimilation.Occasional workshops are offered to review developments.Inside, mariachis offer to sing songs about the mustachioed bandit turned saint or the modern-day outlaws. offer ... servicesOftel argues that the move to a single private agency would prevent several private companies offering rival emergency services.Actresses are also creeping on to the catwalk, offering their services in exchange for a couple of outfits.It also offered other services, including credit repair.They can offer services such as tax advice, financial planning services and executorship.Will I now, in a white-hot rage, offer my services to the Allies?When Dean heard this he at once offered his services with the Hudson.offer (somebody) something for somethingSomeone offered me $300 for the bike.Robin is offering a reward for the return of her necklace.
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offeroffer2 ●●● S2 W1 noun [countable] 1 OFFERa statement saying that you are willing to do something for someone or give them somethingoffer of I can’t turn down the offer of a free trip to Milan!offer to do something His offer to resign will be accepted.2 OFFERan amount of money that you are willing to pay for something Will you accept their offer?make (somebody) an offer (for/on something) (=offer a particular amount of money for something) Within 20 minutes they were prepared to make us an offer. The company made an offer of $5 million for the site.a generous/good offer ‘I’ll be interested if Newcastle make me a good offer, ’ said the 25-year-old open to offers (=be ready to consider people’s offers and lower your original price) We’re asking £2,500, but we’re open to offers. o.n.o.3 BBTCOSTa reduction of the price of something in a shop for a short timediscount All special offers advertised in this brochure are subject to availability.offer on There’s a free offer on orders over £45. To take advantage of this offer (=buy something at the reduced price), complete the attached forms.4 on offer5 under offerCOLLOCATIONSverbsaccept an offer (=say yes to it)Are you going to accept their offer?take up an offer/take somebody up on their offer British English (=accept someone's offer)I might take him up on his offer.turn down/refuse/reject/decline an offer (=say no to it)She declined the offer of a lift.get/receive an offerHe received the offer of a place at Cambridge University.withdraw an offerThey suddenly withdrew their offer at the last minute.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + offera job offerI still did not have a formal job offer.a kind/generous offerWe are grateful for your kind offer.They were surprised by his generous offer to let them stay at his place.phrasesan offer of help/support/friendship etcAny offers of help would be appreciated.I appreciate your offer (=I am grateful for it – used especially when politely refusing someone's offer)I appreciate your offer, but I don’t need any help.
Examples from the Corpus
offerHe retired from the Navy in 1979 to accept an offer to be president of the Citadel military college in South Carolina.Pan Am accepted an offer to sell its African and Asian routes.It was an offer which many women of good family in the area would have been delighted to accept.Candidates offering a range of subjects, rather than all Maths/Science subjects are more likely to receive offers for certain courses.How could you refuse such a fantastic offer?I'll sell the car if I get a good offer.The management offer involves a lump sum payment of £300 and a pay rise of about £8 a week from next July.Our offer pack contains three of these hangers.Since the story ran in local papers, the family has received several offers of help.This time the offer is believed to have been advanced to £5m.Should people take advantage of this offer?offer to do somethingHe gets out of bed, offers to dress first, then leave, before Ishmael gets up.She seemed relieved when he turned down her offer to come live with them.Substantial rewards were on offer to turn the rioters in to authorities.What does Lacanian psychoanalysis offer to feminist psychologists?She was the soul of unselfishness, as her ready offer to vacate her bedroom had shown yet again.She refused the porter's offer to crack open the bottle, and settled herself for a long wait.A few of the offers to made during the first trading session have already been publicised.a generous/good offerAt the very least he could have telephoned and explained that he'd been made a better offer.But they made a good offer.With such a generous offer, it is easy to overlook the small print.A resolution passed by the Democrat-controlled House 27 votes to 13 advises Exxon to renegotiate and come up with a better offer.take advantage ... offerDuring an air-fare war, you may get the cheapest fare by taking advantage of this offer.Several organizations and individuals have taken advantage of the offer.If you would be interested in taking advantage of this offer contact.Should people take advantage of this offer?Your are strongly advised to take advantage of this offer for your benefit and security.Be prepared to take advantage of offers that come your way, especially if they concern a friend or relative.Customers needed to receive catalogs in sufficient time to take advantage of these offers.To take advantage of this offer please complete the attached forms.
From King Business Dictionaryofferof‧fer1 /ˈɒfəˈɒːfər, ˈɑː-/ verb [transitive]1to say that you are willing to give someone something, or to give them itoffer somebody somethingThey offered him a very good job, but he turned it down.offer something to somebodyThe magazine offered discounts to advertisers.2to say that you are willing to pay a particular amount of money for somethingoffer (somebody) something for somethingThey’ve offered us $200,000 for the house.3FINANCEto make an investment available for saleThe company offered about 18 million shares to investors on the Tokyo Stock Exchange at 6,800 yen each.4to provide a product or serviceIt offers six credit cards with varying rates.5if a product or service offers particular advantages or features, it has those features or advantagesDifferent software packages offer different features.→ See Verb tableofferoffer2 noun [countable]1a statement that you are willing to give someone something or do something for themoffer ofBefore the offers of early retirement, the company had about 8,000 employees.offer to do somethingTheir offer to buy the building was accepted.They approached him with the new job offer and, within hours, he accepted the post.2FINANCEan amount of money that you are willing to pay for somethingmake (somebody) an offer (for something)The company made an offer of $5 million for the site.The company declined (=refused) the $1-a-share offer because it wanted $3 a share. firm offer general offer initial offer initial public offer mandatory general offer open offer self-tender offer settlement offer share exchange offer share offer takeover offer tender offer unsolicited offer3be open to offers to be ready to consider different offers of money or other things people are willing to give youWe have no definite plans to sell but we are certainly open to offers.4on offerCOMMERCE available to be bought or usedIt’s still a seller’s market because of the shortage of property on offer.5on offerCOMMERCE British English available for a short time at a reduced priceSYNon sale AmEOlive oil is on offer this week.This wine is currently on special offer at £3.29. 6 (also special offer)COMMERCE a reduction in the price of something for a short timeTake advantage of our ‘buy six for the price of five’ offer.The ferry company is running a special offer: a day trip to France for only £7.7be under offer British EnglishPROPERTY if property that is for sale is under offer, someone has offered an amount of money for itWe can confirm the club is under offer, but that’s as much as we can say at this stage.8MARKETING a free product or service free offer special offer trial offerOrigin offer1 (1200-1300) Old French offrir, from Latin offerre, from ferre to carry