of the hour

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishof the hourof the hourNOWimportant at a particular time, especially the present time one of the burning questions of the hourthe hero/man of the hour (=someone who does something very brave, is very successful etc at a particular time) hour
Examples from the Corpus
of the hourBy the end of the hour interview we had found that we liked each other.It seems to me that he was waylaid and killed round about a quarter or half of the hour past six.Yeltsin was the hero of the hour.Party chairman Chris Patten, the tragic hero of the hour, arrived shortly after 11.00 for a lengthy post-mortem.You ought to be the man of the hour.That's what makes Bush the man of the hour, for these are indisputably good times.It was only a question of the hour.They were the pioneers of a new human experiment in the West and seemed the men and women of the hour.