Word family adjective obtainableunobtainable verb obtain
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishobtainob‧tain /əbˈteɪn/ ●●● S3 W2 AWL verb formal 1 [transitive]GET to get something that you want, especially through your own effort, skill, or work SYN getobtain something from somebody/something Further information can be obtained from head office. You will need to obtain permission from the principal.obtain something through something the results obtained through these surveyssee thesaurus at getRegisterIn everyday English, people say that they get a result, a ticket, some information etc rather than obtain it:You have to get permission from your parents.2 [intransitive not in progressive]EXIST if a situation, system, or rule obtains, it continues to exist These conditions no longer obtain.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
obtainBeyond that, McCord said she hopes to get a job and find a legitimate way to obtain a college education.Visitors must obtain a wilderness hiking permit to enter the park.Having already obtained an MoD licence and farmer's permission we set about trying to pinpoint the site.Maps and guides can be obtained at the tourist office.Such oblique photography is a selective process, involving archaeological judgment, in contrast to the unselective view obtained by vertical survey.Weisner is hoping to obtain funding for a follow-up study of the children.Scientists in Brazil are obtaining medicines from plants.The purpose of the audit is to identify a problem and to obtain objective data for analysis.The responsibility for obtaining such information rests with the business units themselves and/or a central research and development department.Soon afterwards, the Tokugawa clan obtained supremacy under the patient and skilful Hideyori or Iyeyasu.His promotional leaflets referred to his routine practice of obtaining x ray films, running diagnostic tests, and prescribing treatment.
Origin obtain (1400-1500) Old French obtenir, from Latin obtinere to hold on to, own, obtain