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nylonny‧lon /ˈnaɪlɒn $ -lɑːn/ ●●○ noun 1 TIM[uncountable] a strong artificial material that is used to make plastics, clothes, rope etc nylon fabric The tent was made of nylon.2 nylons
Examples from the Corpus
nylonnylon threada nylon backpackA nylon webbing strap is wrapped around the frame and is then tightened using a ratchet action of the clamp head.The upper is made from breathable nylon mesh with man-made leather reinforcements.The groundsheet is made from pu coated nylon and all the joining tapes are sealed.The upper is made from nylon mesh and a synthetic leather, with hytrel support straps at the forefoot.This handy bag is made of a strong, lightweight nylon material.I put on a singlet and a pair of nylon running shorts.Another time Mrs Saulitis showed me a pair of nylon stockings, the first nylon stockings anyone had seen, anywhere.Pounces that involved physical contact with the nylon model were considered pseudo matings.
Origin nylon (1900-2000) Invented word