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nutcrackernut‧crack‧er /ˈnʌtˌkrækə $ -ər/ noun [countable] (also nutcrackers British English) nutcracker.jpg TZDFa tool for cracking the shells of nuts
Examples from the Corpus
nutcrackerOne day when he was old this would be a nutcracker face but that was a long way off.His face was ruddy and lined and he had a nutcracker nose and chin.Between his nutcracker lips was one of the thin twisted little cigarettes he made himself.A huge nutcracker is thus being deployed to crack a relatively small administrative problem.Jackdaws, trying to settle on the watershed of a roof, find themselves top-heavy and fly away, clacking like nutcrackers.Personally, I used to devote what little thought I could muster to the question of nutcrackers.Could it be that man over there busying himself with the nutcracker display?
Nutcracker, TheThe NutcrackerNutcracker, The (1892) a ballet with music by Tchaikovsky about a girl who dreams that her nutcracker becomes a prince. It is one of the most popular ballets, and is often performed at Christmas.