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NovemberNo‧vem‧ber /nəʊˈvembə, nə- $ noʊˈvembər, nə-/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable, uncountable] (written abbreviation Nov.) TMCthe 11th month of the year, between October and Decembernext/last November He started work here last November It snowed in early November.on November 6th The final will be played on Sunday November 6th.on 6th November British English Five weeks later, on 6th November, they were secretly married.November 6 American English There will be no performance November 6.
Examples from the Corpus
NovemberI first saw Brookside on Channel 4's opening night, 2 November 1982.Production for November totaled 760,000 metric tons, down 1. 7 % from a year earlier.Now that he is gearing up for November, part of his strategy involves blurring the Contract to suit his purposes.The election of Franklin Roosevelt in November did not raise his spirits.Last month they promised to deal with Gordon Brown's November pledge to reduce road tax.Performances continue Thursday through Sunday through November NovemberAbout 18m doses of the vaccine have been given since the programme began last November.Early last November, invitations were issued to 12 institutions to participate in the project.Remember Ti'ko, the computer company that went into liquidation last November?They also earned their second consecutive victory for the first time since last November.The company launched a direct VAX-to-Alpha binary translator last November and has been shipping an R-series-to-Alpha translator for the last three months.The commission, created by voters last November, is designed to give San Francisco youth a say in city government.
Origin November (1200-1300) Old French Novembre, from Latin November, from novem nine; because it was the ninth month of the ancient Roman year