Word family noun normality/normalcyabnormality normal normalization adjective normalabnormal verb normalize adverb normallyabnormally
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnormalnor‧mal1 /ˈnɔːməl $ ˈnɔːr-/ ●●● S1 W1 AWL adjective 1 NORMALusual, typical, or expected A normal working week is 40 is normal (for somebody) to do something It’s normal to feel nervous before an exam.quite/perfectly etc normal Her room was untidy, but that was quite normal. She was assessed in the normal way, and placed on the waiting list. All I want is to lead a normal life.2 NORMALsomeone who is normal is mentally and physically healthy and does not behave strangely OPP abnormal He seems a perfectly normal little boy. They can’t be normal to do something like that.COLLOCATIONSadverbscompletely normalThe test results came back, and everything was completely normal.perfectly normal (=completely normal)Her reaction to the news was perfectly normal.quite normal (=completely normal)He sounded quite normal when he phoned.fairly/pretty normalHis family all seem pretty normal.nounsa normal lifeAll I want is to lead a happy, normal life.phrasesas normal (=used to emphasize that something happens very regularly)John and Liz were late as normal circumstancesUnder normal circumstances, you would have to pay to go into the the normal wayThe results will be posted to you in the normal way. THESAURUSnormal usual, typical, and as you would expect it to beIs this cold weather normal for the time of year?It had been another normal working day in the office.ordinary (also regular especially American English) not special, unusual, or different from normalThey lived in an ordinary three-bedroomed house.It looks like an ordinary car, but it uses solar power. Would you like a regular salad or a Caesar salad?I just want an ordinary bicycle, not a mountain bike.average [only before noun] around the usual level or amountShe is of average height.He is of above average intelligence.The average price of a pint of milk has gone up.standard normal – used about methods of doing something, or about the size, shape, features etc of productsIt’s standard practice to X-ray hand-baggage at most airports.We stock shoes in all the standard sizes.routine used about things that are done regularly as part of a series of thingsThe fault was discovered during a routine check of the plane.routine tasks such as shopping and cookingeveryday [only before noun] used about things that happen or that you use as part of normal lifeHe painted scenes of everyday life in France.Sally was still dressed in her everyday clothes.common used about birds and plants that are of the most usual type, and in the phrase the common people (=people who are not rich and powerful)the common goldfishan alliance between the aristocracy and the common people conventional [only before noun] of the kind that is usually used – used when comparing this with a different or special typeThe engine is more efficient than a conventional diesel engine.the drugs used in conventional medicineconventional weapons (=not nuclear, chemical, or biological)conventional ovens and microwaves
Examples from the Corpus
normalBut when electrical storms roll in, nothing is normal.Once the pain has gone away, you can resume your normal activities.The normal adult size is about seven inches.Everyone else is completely normal at Leeds.Any normal boy of his age would be interested in football.This represents a £20 saving on the normal brochure price.Her breathing was normal, but she had a very high temperature.The new Ford looks like any normal car, but it has a special advanced engine.It is envisaged that much of the assessment will be done by teachers as an integral part of their normal classroom work.Under normal conditions, a number of plants grow well in aquariums.They seemed like a perfectly normal family.It was a perfectly normal flight until the plane suddenly started to shake.It is quite normal for children to be afraid of the dark.Don't worry if Mike seemed rude - that's normal for him.It may have seemed unusually cold recently but experts say it's normal for this time of year.It's normal for young children to misbehave sometimes.And with her body positioned at a slight incline, her spine benefits from the normal force of gravity.a normal healthy babyDonna, this is normal on a night when we have to work.It used to be normal practice to live at home with your parents until you got married.Initially the child uses one-word sentences, but his or her language facility expands quickly given normal social interaction.Tides will be six feet above normal this afternoon.She went to bed at her normal time of eleven o'clock.When you start a new job, it's normal to feel somewhat overwhelmed.January 2nd is a public holiday in Scotland, but in England it is a normal working is normal (for somebody) to do somethingHer husband does not wonder very much about whether it is normal for him to be abusive, nor does she.Made from glass fibre rovings and polyester resin, it is normal for the rod to be white.Note that it is normal for the case to become slightly warm.perfectly normalMy information processing is perfectly normal.The occasional stress-related sleep problem is perfectly normal and no cause for concern.A perfectly normal canine went barking mad with lust when Lizzy pressed the printer.This startling discovery has supported the idea that cancer develops when a cell contains too much of a perfectly normal cellular protein.Casper says they had a perfectly normal conversation.Jerry seems like a perfectly normal guy, funny and nice.A case of perfectly normal metastasis.This is perfectly normal when the body goes through the physiological changes which are often brought about by the Technique.
normalnormal2 AWL noun [uncountable] the usual state, level, or amount Thankfully, train services are now back to normal. Slowly her heartbeat returned to normal.above/below normal Car sales are still below normal for the time of year.higher/larger/less etc than normal The journey took longer than normal.
Examples from the Corpus
normalIn Texas, and all across the Southwest, rainfall this year is as much as 70-85 percent below normal.These patients will always be slightly shorter than normal.back to normalI needed to get back to normal.If that works, can't Equitable go back to normal?In fact her sight was not back to normal for three months.Experts say it would take years of equally historic rainfall to get water supplies back to normal levels.But even those strides have not brought the system back to normal.The next day, aside from a slight droop on the left side of his face, he was back to normal.His heart rate was back to normal by the time he reached the hospital.And so things went back to normal, if that was a word that could be used.
Origin normal1 (1400-1500) Latin normalis, from norma; NORM