Word family noun noise adjective noisy noiseless adverb noisily noiselessly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnoisenoise1 /nɔɪz/ ●●● S2 W2 noun 1 [countable, uncountable]CSOUND a sound, especially one that is loud, unpleasant, or frightening SYN sound What’s that noise?noise of the noise of the traffic Try not to make a noise when you go upstairs.gurgling/banging/crackling etc noise There was a strange whistling noise in his ears. There was a lot of noise outside. Noise levels have been reduced by 20%.traffic/engine/background etc noise the problem of aircraft noise near airports2 (make) encouraging/optimistic etc noises (about something)3 make (all) the right noises (about something)4 make noises about doing something5 make a (lot of) noise about something6 [uncountable] technicalTPETEE unwanted signals produced by an electrical circuit7 [uncountable] technicalTD pieces of unwanted information that can prevent a computer from working effectively8 noises off big noiseCOLLOCATIONSverbsmake a noiseThe car engine was making a funny noise.hear a noiseShe heard a strange noise.a noise comes from somethingThe noise seemed to be coming from the kitchen.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + noise a loud noiseThe rain made a loud noise against the window.a strange/funny noiseWhat’s that funny noise?a gurgling/whistling/cracking etc noise (=a noise with a particular kind of sound)The water moved through the pipes with a loud gurgling noise.constant noise (=noise that does not stop)She was fed up with the constant noise of traffic.background noise (=noise of things that are happening around you)The background noise made it hard to hear what he was saying.traffic/aircraft/engine etc noiseIt was peaceful there, with no traffic noise at all.noise + NOUNnoise levelsThe hospital is trying to reduce noise levels to help patients sleep.noise pollution (=noise from cars, planes etc which has a bad effect on people’s lives)The new airport will increase noise pollution in the surrounding area. THESAURUSnoise a loud sound, especially an unpleasant oneTraffic noise is a problem in inner-city areas.Why is the washing machine making so much noise?racket/din a loud unpleasant noise, especially one that annoys you. Racket is more informal than dinI wish those kids would stop making such a racket.I shouted to make myself heard above the din of the crowd.the din of battlerow British English a very loud unpleasant noise, especially one that continues for a long timethe deafening row of the loudspeakers roar a loud noise that continues for a long time – used about the noise from an engine, the traffic, a crowd, the sea, or the windShe heard the roar of a motorbike behind her.the roar of the waves breaking on the beachthe roar of the crowd at the Blue Jays baseball gamehubbub especially written the unclear sound of a lot of people talking and moving around in a placeIt’s a wonderful place to escape from the hubbub of London’s busy streets.His voice rose above the hubbub.commotion especially written a noise made by people arguing or fightingThere was a big commotion going on outside the building.He went downstairs to find out what was causing the commotion.clamour British English, clamor American English literary a loud noise made by a group of people or things all making a noise at the same timeThey heard the clamour of angry voices.the clamor of the rain on the roofthe clamour of typewritersthe clamour of the birds
Examples from the Corpus
noiseAre you sure you locked the door? I thought I heard a noise downstairs.The wood panelling obviously deadened any noise from outside.What was that clunking noise?There was a loud cracking noise and then the chair collapsed.These phenomena show up as excess noise, distortion and reduced tube life.A speeding motor boat sliced the waters with the grating noise of a buzz saw.As we slowed down, his noise speeded up, as did his frantic hopping movements, signifying even greater disapproval.The river made a little noise, a kind of quiet hum in the background.Do you have to make so much noise?Why are the children making so much noise out there?Can you hear that funny scratching noise?Tonight's contribution is awesome in the decibels of that noise.The noise of the machines made it hard to talk.The noise of the traffic kept me awake all night.the noise of the trafficTheir noise would have undoubtedly caused enormous damage to the sensitive hearing of marine mammals.Traffic noise is a problem in inner-city areas.make ... noiseShow the students the balloons and ask them how you can make a noise using a balloon. 2.You can hear a friend make a noise under water when you are swimming.The government sponsored Meadowell Initiative makes noises in the north of the estate - but does pitifully little, painfully slowly.It made a noise, just a squawk, coming open; he closed it silently behind him.Is it doing anything strange, such as leaking, making noises or not keeping water as hot as it used to?There was something by the shady side of the wardrobe that made a noise.The blindfolded Brownie points to some one and asks them to make a noise.Minutes later he was making a noise like a pneumatic drill.
noisenoise2 verb be noised abroad/about/around→ See Verb tableOrigin noise (1200-1300) Old French quarreling, noise, from Latin nausea; NAUSEA