From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnimblenim‧ble /ˈnɪmbəl/ adjective 1 FAST/QUICKable to move quickly and easily with light neat movements SYN agile nimble fingers a nimble climber2 a nimble mind/brain/witnimbly adverbnimbleness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
nimbleDespite their age they were remarkably nimble.But no amphibian can truthfully be described as nimble and for hunting they have to rely on something other than agility their tongue.The vehicles need to be nimble and quick for city driving.Twelve feet high, cube in shape, not very smart or nimble, but it did shuffle along slowly.Zirtech is a small, nimble company that is focused on innovation.Self-awareness of roles and of the feelings evoked in interpersonal encounters is increasingly critical for the nimble entrepreneur.She tore off the ring with nimble fingers.Pascoe noticed how nimble his hands were: long fingers, a delicate touch.They stare back defiantly at the crowds, menacingly baring their teeth, and grabbing candy trays with nimble speed.
Origin nimble Old English numol holding a lot, from niman to take