Word family noun night midnight nightie adjective nightly overnight adverb overnight nightly
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nightnight /naɪt/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable, uncountable] 1 when it is darkTMC the dark part of each 24-hour period when the sun cannot be seen and when most people sleep OPP day It was a cold moonlit night. I didn’t sleep too well last night At night the temperature drops below the night He woke up twice during the night Many animals hunt by night.(on) Friday night/that night etc There was a storm on Friday night.2 eveningTMC the time during the evening until you go to bed We had a really good meal last night. They stay in and watch television every night. She recognised him from the night before (=the previous evening). My parents are coming for dinner tomorrow night.Friday/Saturday etc night There’s a party at Ben’s place on Saturday night. We were on our way back from a night out (=an evening when you go to a party, restaurant, theatre etc) at the theatre. Anna doesn’t like him walking home late at night.quiz night/student night etc (=an evening when a particular event happens, especially at a bar, club etc)3 nights4 night!5 night night!6 night and day/day and night7 night or day/day or night8 night after night9 first night/opening night10 spend the night with somebody/spend the night together11 a good night’s sleep12 (have a) late/early night13 last thing at night nightlyGRAMMAR: Patterns with nighton ... nightYou say that something happens on a particular night: The children stayed at their grandmother’s on Friday night.There will be a full moon on the night of October 21.They asked him where he was on the night of the the nightYou use in the night when saying that something happens at some time during a particular night: The baby kept crying in the night. Don’t say: The baby kept crying on the nightYou use at night when saying that something often happens during the night: The noise of the traffic keeps me awake at nightYou use by night when saying that a person or animal does something at night instead of during the day: Owls hunt by night.They travelled by night to avoid being seen by the police.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + nightlast nightIt rained last night.tomorrow nightI should be back by tomorrow night.Friday/Saturday etc nightI haven’t seen him since Thursday early night (=when you go to bed early)I’m really tired - I need an early night.a late night (=when you go to bed late)We had a late night last night.a long night (=a night when you do not sleep or you work hard)Everyone was tired and grumpy. It had been a long night. a sleepless nightShe had spent a sleepless night wondering what to do.verbsspend a night somewhere (=sleep somewhere)We spent two nights at the Grand Hotel.stay the night (=sleep at someone’s house)You’re welcome to stay the night if you like.have a bad night (=not sleep well, especially when you are ill)I had a bad night last night.night falls written (=it starts to become dark)It grew colder as night fell.the night wears on (=continues)The pain gradually got better as the night wore on.night + NOUNthe night skyWe looked up at the stars in the night sky.the night airThe night air was scented with jasmine.a night train/bus/flightI took the night train to Fort William.phrasesall nightHe looked as if he’d been up all night.all night long (=used to emphasize that something continues for the whole night)The noise continued all night long!late at nightWe often get to bed very late at this time of night (=used when something happens very late at night, and you are surprised)Why are you calling me at this time of night?late/far into the night (=until very late at night)Staff worked late into the night to make necessary the middle of the nightShe woke up suddenly in the middle of the the dead of night literary (=in the middle of the night when it is quiet)He drove through the countryside in the dead of and night/night and day (=all the time)The phones rang day and night.morning, noon, and night (=all the time)She nagged at him morning, noon, and night. USAGE: At night or in the morning?You use at night when talking about a time before midnight: We didn’t get back till 11 o’clock at night.You use in the morning when talking about a time after midnight: We had to get up at four in the morning.
Examples from the Corpus
nightAt night the ground is cold: -8C.At night, too, it is almost silent.a cold nightIt was on the evening news a couple of nights ago.One night, I was taken there.Every other night he wet his bed, and he argued with Clarisa almost constantly.Stay in a superior room with flowers and champagne on arrival at a supplement of £35 per person per night.From that night on, we were more and more successful.From that night their courtship had been her life.last nightA Home Office spokeswoman confirmed last night that Stansted would be used for all future mercy flights.Newcastle held their annual general meeting last night behind closed doors.Murdered last night - last night he had spent the evening alone.The identity of the soldier was being kept secret last night.He said it missed her head by inches, while they watched election coverage on television last night.I was thinking about that last night.At times last night, good-humoured revelry got out of hand.
night!night!spokenGOODBYE used to say goodbye to someone when it is late in the evening or when they are going to bed SYN good night Night! See you tomorrow! night
Examples from the Corpus
night!Night! Thanks again for dinner.
Origin night Old English niht