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ldoce_234_anewtnewt /njuːt $ nuːt/ noun [countable] HBAa small animal with a long body, short legs, and a tail, which lives partly in water and partly on land
Examples from the Corpus
newtThat evening Lavender went to the bottom of the garden determined to catch a newt.The living amphibians that give the best impression of the appearance of the early ones are the salamanders and newts.The pond is a breeding ground for the greater crested newt.There was a muddy pond at the bottom of Lavender's garden and this was the home of a colony of newts.The big rubber newt probably was checked out at Inflato Rentals.The spiny newt protects itself by squirting poison into the mouths of predators.She glared at the glass with the newt in it.The newt was still squirming in the tall glass of water.
Origin newt (1400-1500) an ewt, mistaken for a newt; ewt newt from Old English efete