From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnewspapernews‧pa‧per /ˈnjuːsˌpeɪpə $ ˈnuːzˌpeɪpər/ ●●● S2 W2 noun 1 newspaper.jpg [countable]TCN a set of large folded sheets of printed paper containing news, articles, pictures, advertisements etc which is sold daily or weekly SYN paper She had read about it in the newspaper. a series of newspaper articles about life in CubaRegisterIn everyday English, people often say paper rather than newspaper:I saw an ad in the paper.2 [uncountable]TCNDH sheets of paper from old newspapers Wrap the plates in newspaper to stop them from breaking. Bella laid the flowers out carefully on a sheet of newspaper.3 [countable]BBCTCN a company that produces a newspaper He works for a local newspaper.GRAMMAR: Patterns with newspaperYou read something in a newspaper: She saw an ad in the newspaper. Don’t say: on the newspaperYou often talk about the newspaper: I read something about it in the newspaper. Don’t say: in newspaperCOLLOCATIONSverbsread a newspaperWhich newspaper do you read?get a newspaper (=buy one regularly)We don’t get a newspaper; we tend to watch the news on TV.see/read something in the newspaperI saw in the newspaper that he had died.appear in a newspaperHer photo appeared in all the newspapers.a newspaper reports something (=has an article on something)The newspapers reported that the police were treating the death as a suicide.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + newspapera national newspaperThe story was in all the national newspapers.a local newspaperThe store advertises in the local newspaper.a daily/weekly/Sunday newspaper (=one that is published every day/week/Sunday)Do you get a daily newspaper?a tabloid newspaper (=a small-sized newspaper, especially one with not much serious news)Their wedding made the headlines in all the tabloid newspapers.a quality newspaper British English (=a newspaper with a lot of serious news and good writing)The story has not been given as much coverage in the quality newspapers.newspaper + NOUNa newspaper article/report/storyI read quite an interesting newspaper report on the war.a newspaper headline‘Wine is good for you’ announced a recent newspaper headline.a newspaper column (=a regular article in a newspaper written by a particular journalist)She writes a regular newspaper column about gardening.a newspaper clipping/cutting (=a story cut out of a newspaper)I found some old newspaper cuttings of the band's first concert in Liverpool.a newspaper reporterShe was fed up with being followed by newspaper reporters.a newspaper editorNewspaper editors have a lot of power.a newspaper proprietor British English (=owner)Ultimately, it’s the newspaper proprietor who decides what goes into the newspaper. THESAURUSnewspaperThe New York Times is a popular daily newspaper.paper a newspaper. Paper is more common than newspaper in everyday EnglishThere was an interesting article in the local paper today.the Sunday papersthe press newspapers and news magazines in general, and the people who write for themthe freedom of the pressThe press are always interested in stories about the royal family.the media newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and the Internet, considered as a group that provides news and informationThis issue has received a lot of attention in the media.Her public image was shaped by the media.tabloid a newspaper that has small pages, a lot of photographs, short stories, and not much serious newsThe tabloids are full of stories about her and her boyfriend.broadsheet British English a serious newspaper printed on large sheets of paper, with news about politics, finance, and foreign affairsthe quality broadsheetsthe nationals the newspapers that give news about the whole country where they are printed, in contrast to local newspapersThe results of the nationwide survey became headlines in the nationals.the dailies the daily newspapersThe dailies reported the of a newspaperarticle a piece of writing in a newspaper about a particular subjectan article on the education reformsreport a piece of writing in a newspaper about an eventnewspaper reports on the warstory a report in a newspaper about an event, especially one that is not very serious or reliableYou can’t always believe what you read in newspaper stories.a headline the title of an important newspaper article, printed in large letters above the article. The headlines are the titles of the most important stories on the front pageThe singer’s drug problem has been constantly in the headlines.front page the page on the front of a newspaper which has the most important news storiesThe story was all over the front page.section/pages the pages in a newspaper dealing with a particular area of news such as sports, business, or entertainmentthe financial pages of The Timesthe arts sectioneditorial the page of a newspaper on which the editor of a newspaper and other people express their opinions about the news, rather than just giving factsan editorial on the vaccination programmecolumn an article on a particular subject or by a particular writer that appears regularlyhis weekly column on gardening
Examples from the Corpus
newspaperIt had been cut from a newspaper.That would be a matter of opinion; he had a newspaper which he kept looking at, and shaking out.In addition to all these magazines and newspapers there are trade newsletters.The virtual explosion of community newspapers and networking newsletters is another example of alternatives to mainstream media.Jack probably read Gatsby for the same reason he read every newspaper story and book and saw every movie about gangland.a local newspaperDespite the evidence to the contrary, most of Monday morning's newspapers subscribed to the Army's version.Hearst owned several newspapers.For the newspaper industry, the news has not been good for years.sheet of newspaperAn overnight case had been placed carefully on a sheet of newspaper.The samples were lightly pressed down using a sheet of newspaper.Do not try to draw up an open fire with a sheet of newspaper.That left one sheet of newspaper, which he folded around the dead flower.Musical Islands Place sheets of newspaper around the room on the floor.Give each student three sheets of newspaper.Another tore sheets of newspaper into smaller and smaller pieces, carefully guarding her handiwork.