Word family noun news renewal adjective new renewable renewed newsy verb renew adverb newly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnewsnews /njuːz $ nuːz/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [uncountable] 1 NEWSinformation about something that has happened recently I hope to have some good news for you that We are delighted at the news that our daughter is expecting a on What’s the latest news on your university application?news of/about Everyone is shocked by the news of the arrests.2 TCNAMTreports of recent events in the newspapers or on the radio or television a late evening news broadcast We’ve got the news headlines coming up at half past twelve. a news and current affairs programme Here’s the sports news from Jane Murray. the latest news from the Olympic stadiumnews about/on/of news on the latest developments in the talksnews that Several evening papers carried the news that a cabinet minister was about to resign.local/regional/national/international news Twenty years ago environmental issues rarely made the news (=were rarely considered important enough to be in the news).be in the news Hong Kong is in the news this morning. His resignation was front page news (=was important news).news story/report/item Never before has a news story triggered such sensational sales of the newspaper.3 the news4 be good/bad news for somebody5 he’s/she’s bad news6 be news7 that’s news to me!8 I’ve got news for you9 no news is good newsGrammarCountable or uncountable?News is an uncountable noun and is followed by a singular verb: The news was not very good.News is used with the singular form of words such as this and that: He was shocked when he heard this news. Don’t say: these newsPrepositions with the newsIf someone or something is on the news, they appear or there is a report about them on a television or radio news programme: The minister was on the 10 o’clock news.I saw the pictures of the crash on the news. If someone or something is in the news, they are being discussed in newspapers and on news programmes: Education has been in the news a lot this week.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesgood newsHe’s feeling much better, so that’s good news.great/wonderful newsThey’re getting married? That’s wonderful news!welcome news (=good news that makes you happy)The lower interest rates will be welcome news to home owners.bad/terrible news‘I’m afraid I have bad news, ’ said Jackson.Have you heard the terrible news about Simon?the latest newsMom sent a letter with all the latest news.old news (=news that you have already heard)She wasn’t surprised; it was old news to her.important newsI’ve got some important news to tell you.the big news informal (=an important piece of news)The big news is that Polly and Richard are going to get married.verbshave some news (for somebody)I could tell by his face that he had some news.tell somebody the newsJack called him to tell him the good news.break the news (to somebody) (=tell someone some bad news)Two policemen came to the door to break the news about her husband.spread the news (=tell a lot of people the news)After she had the baby, her husband made phone calls to spread the happy news.hear the news (=hear about something that has happened)She was really upset when she heard the news.welcome the news formal (=say that you are pleased about some news)Environmental groups welcomed the news that the area would be protected.greet the news with surprise/delight etc formal (=react to the news in a particular way)Fans greeted the news of the victory with a loud spreads (=a lot of people find out the news from other people)News spreads fast in a small town.phrasesa piece of news (also a bit of news British English)Leo thought about this piece of news carefully.the good news is …/the bad news is ... (=used to introduce a piece of good and bad news)The good news is that most stores have the game in stock; the bad news is that it’s not cheap.
Examples from the Corpus
newsNews is coming in about an oil spill in the South Atlantic.Specialist publications do not exist on articles and news that is exclusive of everything but one subject.There hasn't been any news of him since he left home.Invariably, it appears in any news story about a violent crime in a small town or city.I'm afraid I have some bad news for you.Baxter gave Ed the bad news.Well, the bad news is that the train is delayed by an hour.Advertising made it possible for them to distribute news practically free of charge, with the profit coming from marketing.Good news! Ian passed his driving test!That's great news!We deal mainly with local news.The paper was full of news about the peace negotiations.I've got some news for you.I just don't know how to break the news to Sherri. She'll be so disappointed.He brought the news that their father was seriously ill.Have you heard the news about Carole?Have you heard the news? Sara's going to have a baby.Spicer told him the news and asked him if he would like a local caddie to be booked.Since the news broke, hundreds of people have called with messages of support.They're going to appoint a new chairman - spread the news!Clanahan gave us the worse news.Sit down and tell me all your of/aboutAlthough news of her work in Motijhil had spread quickly, they had almost no financial means.We will have our own style of sports journalism - and news about the arts with items throughout the day.As news of the shooting spread, Overtown exploded like tinder in a lightning storm.There has been news of fighting in the area.So she must have known that news of her pregnancy would cause speculation as to who was the father.Earlier he had gone with Angela Foley to break the news of Lorrimer's death to his father.I was in a movie theater when I heard the news about Pearl Harbor.The news of Joanna was good and, listening to the description of her cheerfulness, Sophie felt her own courage returning.If there was news of Claire Fraser, Joe Burns wanted to be the first to hear headlinesFour years later, it converted to hourly news headlines that it produced itself.This is no one-day wonder, as most news headlines are.Suddenly the Elsie McAndrew affair was in the national news headlines.But elements of that crisis are already recurrent news headlines.
Origin news (1400-1500) new