From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnetworknet‧work1 /ˈnetwɜːk $ -wɜːrk/ ●●● S3 W2 AWL noun [countable] 1 SYSTEMa system of lines, tubes, wires, roads etc that cross each other and are connected to each other Hungary’s telephone network a high-speed European rail networknetwork of an elaborate network of canals the network of blood vessels in the body2 TCBAMTa group of radio or television stations, which broadcast many of the same programmes, but in different parts of the same country the four biggest TV networks You’re listening to the American Armed Forces Network.3 TDTCa set of computers that are connected to each other so that they can share information4 GROUP OF PEOPLEa group of people, organizations etc that are connected or that work togethernetwork of It’s important to build up a network of professional contacts. the old-boy network at old boy(2)
Examples from the Corpus
networkA network of veins and arteries carries the blood around the body.The series is sponsored by Ford and will be shown over the ABC network.The good news is that anyone who possesses information and learning skills is likely to find a job, old-boy networks not withstanding.These branches cover a good cross section of the branch network in terms of location, size and type of business.the freeway networkThe core of this international network consists of computers permanently joined through high speed connections.The shared conference board allows disparate users to simultaneously view and annotate documents and drawings over TCP/IP networks.Most workplaces have a local network as well as access to the Internet.One way to achieve this is by means of a logic network as shown in Figure 7.9.Cable News Network shows 24 hours of news.A 24-hour strike brought the railway network to a standstill.US companies have invested heavily in their telecommunications networks.That sport television networks use to deliberately bore football, baseball, basketball and hockey fans.They were essentially square boxes with minimal features that let you catch the news and the network sitcoms.The rankings list the programs and the network they are shown on.Each user on the network will have his or her own private line to allow data to flow more smoothly.the network evening newsthe four biggest TV networkstelephone networkThe maker of switching products used in telephone networks said its fourth-quarter earnings will fall below estimates.The construction company Bouygues won in late 1994 the license to operate a third mobile telephone network in the country.Although the industry is rapidly introducing advanced digital communication technologies, the telephone network continues to be dependent on analog transmission.This model is unlike the telephone networks, where payment settlement is a critical part.Upgrading the telephone networks to do the same might cost even more.The telephone network around Washington and Baltimore collapses.But most major countries have now digitised at least parts of their telephone networks, and international services are increasingly compatible.
networknetwork2 AWL verb 1 TCTD[intransitive, transitive] to connect several computers together so that they can share information2 [intransitive] to meet and talk with people who have similar jobs to yours, especially because they may be useful for your work3 TCBAMT[intransitive, transitive] to broadcast a radio or television programme on several different channels at the same time→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
networkToday its monthly meetings draw 1,000 artists, designers and programmers to a frenzy of networking and business-card swapping.The conference provided some excellent opportunities for networking and she made some useful business contacts.When Sheila went into her own business, within weeks of opening her office the networking started.
From King Business Dictionarynetworknet‧work1 /ˈnetwɜːk-wɜːrk/ noun [countable]1a group of people or organizations that are connected or that work togethernetwork ofIt’s important to build up a network of professional contacts.The gadget is available from the manufacturer and its network of stockists.2COMPUTING a set of computers which are connected to each other and operate as part of the same system, able to exchange information and messagesnetwork softwareThe vendor automatically orders new deliveries from the retailer through its computer network. wide area network3a group of radio or television stations that broadcast many of the same programmes, but at different times in different placesthe Fox Television Network4road/rail/telecommunications network the system of roads, railways, or communication systems such as telephones used in a countrya cellular phone networkBritain’s network of motorwaysnetworknetwork2 verb1[intransitive] to make use of meetings with people involved in the same kind of work, in order to share information, help each other etcHe spent a couple of evenings a month networking at business functions.2[transitive]COMPUTING to connect several computers together so that they operate as part of the same system, able to exchange information and messagesThis software will allow us to network our computers.→ See Verb table