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ldoce_233_enetnet1 /net/ ●●● S2 W2 noun 1 the Net2 fishing_equipment.jpg for fishing/catching things [countable]DT something used for catching fish, insects, or animals which is made of threads or wires woven across each other with regular spaces between them a fishing net a butterfly net3 for sports [countable] a) DSthe thing that players must hit the ball over in games such as tennis b) DSthe thing behind the posts that players try to kick or hit the ball into in games such as football or hockeygoal Henry kicked the ball into the back of the net.4 for keeping things out [countable] something used for keeping things out, for example insects or birds, which is made of threads woven across each other with regular spaces between them a mosquito net5 material [uncountable] very thin material made from fine threads woven together, with small spaces between net curtains6 slip through the net7 fall/slip through the net8 cast/spread your net wide fishnet stockings, hairnet, safety net, netting
Examples from the Corpus
netBy the production line stand basketball nets and ping-pong tables for use during breaks.Humpback whales have even been seen to weave a snare of air-bubbles - a bubble net.a fishing netThe bride wore a veil made of ivory net.Nicholas Branch has unpublished state documents, polygraph reports, Dictabelt recordings from the police radio net on November 22.If intervention remains, it should be reduced to the original concept of a safety net for use in extreme emergencies.Mosquito netting: inner door flaps can be unzipped independently from the net.The puck went straight into the net.Clips for fixing and joining the nets are available from some cage and netting manufacturers.It swipes the underside of the net.The fishermen will have to use turtle excluder devices in their nets, which allow turtles to escape before they netI had a fishing net with me and carefully fished it out.There were many anchored wooden boats with large outboard motors, but strangely, there were few fishing nets.The actual death toll is much greater because thousands more turtles are caught in fishing nets and suffocate.The harbour porpoise is vulnerable to drowning in fishing nets.Others die from entanglement in fishing nets.Many seals are shot or killed with dynamite after being trapped in fishing nets.I thought about my brother, when I broke that fishing net.These are floats, blown from bottle glass, and used to hold up fishing nets.the back of the netWe are making the chances but we can't find the back of the net.At least Friesen has found the back of the net.He had no great ability, apart from sticking the ball in the back of the net, either.I felt it hit my leg and I looked up and it was bouncing in the back of the net.John Moncur put it in the back of the net.The next thing I knew it was in the back of the net and I was celebrating.Jennifer Sclater received a good cross inside the D and struck the ball into the back of the net.Resolute Of late they have simply become too predictable when seeking the back of the net. mosquito netThere are also two inner pockets and a mosquito net in each door.A mosquito net was providentially suspended above the bed; the creek was certain to be thick with insects when night fell.To protect people from being bitten they must be educated and persuaded to use insect repellents and mosquito nets.No breath of air stirred the Collector's mosquito net.Finally I took the mosquito netting from a nail out the barn.Uncle Michael on a metal bed, cocooned in a fold of army blanket under mosquito netting, drawing ragged breaths.There are two entrances both with mosquito curtainsOutside, the once-respectable semis have crooked To Let signs and greying net curtains.In all of them hang net curtains.Some one had stuck some little net curtains up at the entrance, turning it into a tiny window.Which is in any case an airwell, with more net curtains at the windows on the other side.Neighbours had watched discreetly through parted net curtains.From behind the ruched net curtains, she could see him plodding his way around the green.He walked to the window and gazed down through the net curtains.The net curtains were planets of watery growth.
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netnet2 ●○○ (also nett British English) adjective [only before noun] 1 BFBBthe net amount is the final amount that remains after all the other amounts have been taken awaygross The net profit (=after taxes, costs etc) was up 16.3% last month. The company reported a net loss of $56 million last year. Vernon estimates the company’s net worth at over $8 billion. The United States is a net importer of beef (=it imports more than it exports).2 net result/effect3 net weightnet adverb He earns $40,000 net. jars of coffee weighing 450 grams net
Examples from the Corpus
netIt is the price of the bonds that determines the net asset value of bond funds.Ronson told bankers that the March 31 accounts would show net assets had fallen to £135 million compared with £585 million previously.Foreign investors were net buyers, though some were waiting for a market drop to allow bargain-hunting.Orange is expected to break even in net income terms by 1998.That account tells us the amount of net payments over receipts compared with the budgeted profitArcade had net profit 16. 9 million guilders in its fiscal year ended March on sales of about 398 million guilders.Fujitsu says it expects to break even in 1993-94, with zero net profit.Roche will report net profit April 24.Another net profit for Swindon Town.It has 2,600 employees and 1995 revenues of $ 984 million with a net profit of $ 131 million.Nestle posted 1994 net profit of 2. 94 billion francs, before items.
netnet3 verb (netted, netting) 1 [transitive] informalBFBB to earn a particular amount of money as a profit after tax has been paid I was netting around $64,000 a year.2 [transitive]GET to succeed in getting something, especially by using your skill The company has recently netted several large contracts. An undercover sweep netted 22 suspects in one evening.3 [intransitive, transitive] informalDS to hit or kick the ball into the net in sportscore Rooney has netted nine goals for United so far this season.4 DSO[transitive] to catch a fish in a net We netted three fish in under an hour.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
netA few folks probably got buzzed and the sale netted $ 125.Donna got a raise in February, but she's still only netting $19,000 a year.An undercover drug sweep netted 22 suspects in one evening.For the first three months of 1990, Starcorp netted $547 million.The lake is commercially netted by licensed fishermen.The event, expected to net more than $ 1 million, was sponsored by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.Measure A netted only 58 percent of the vote.But town have netted only around half that in sales.
From King Business Dictionarynetnet1 /net/ (also nett British English) adjective1ACCOUNTING a net amount of money is one that remains after things such as costs and tax have been taken awayNet income after higher taxes, provisions and depreciation jumped more than 25%.The company reported a net loss for the period after a charge related to reorganization ofThe payment is net of tax. compare gross12[only before a noun]COMMERCE in buying, exporting etc, concerning a situation where the amount bought etc by one side is more than the amount bought etc by the otherBecause of its oil fields in the North Sea, Britain is a net exporter (=a country that exports more than it imports) of oil, though a small one.Canadian investors were net purchasers of US equities for the third straight quarter (=the value of US shares bought by Canadians was more than the value of Canadian shares bought by people in the US).3the net weight of something is its weight without its container or wrappingnetnet2 noun1the net (also the Net)COMPUTING the system that allows computer users all over the world to communicate with each other; the InternetMost users do not aimlessly surf the net (=look at information in different places as a form of entertainment). They always or usually go back to the same sites.2[uncountable] American EnglishACCOUNTING a company’s profit after tax has been taken awaySYNNET PROFITThe supermarket chain said net for the quarter was $40.3 million.3safety/welfare etc net a system that will prevent people from suffering financial problems if they become ill, unemployed etcsafety net programs, including unemployment compensation and retraining of workersThe social welfare net is essential.netnet3 verb (past tense and past participle netted, present participle netting) [transitive] especially American EnglishACCOUNTING1if something nets a company or a person a particular amount of money, it gives them that amount, perhaps after costs are taken awayIts public stock offering netted the company $72 million.charges involving a fraud scheme that netted him $12 million2if a person or a company nets a certain amount in a year, they earn that amount as income or as profit after tax is taken awayThe farm netted as much as $1.5 million a year.After the capital-gains tax was paid, we only netted about $3.25 per hour. net out net something → down→ See Verb tablenetnet4 adverbACCOUNTINGTAX after things such as costs and tax have been taken awaysomeone who earns more than £40,000 netnet ofAll fund dividends are paid gross rather than net of tax.Origin net1 Old English nett net2 (1400-1500) French bright, clean; NEAT net3 1. (1700-1800) NET22. (1500-1600) NET1