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negotiatene‧go‧ti‧ate /nɪˈɡəʊʃieɪt $ -ˈɡoʊ-/ ●●○ S3 W3 verb 1 [intransitive, transitive]BDISCUSS to discuss something in order to reach an agreement, especially in business or politicsnegotiate with The government refuses to negotiate with terrorists.negotiate an agreement/contract etc Union leaders have negotiated an agreement for a shorter working week. His first aim is to get the warring parties back to the negotiating table (=discussing something).GRAMMAR: Reciprocal verbsNegotiate is a reciprocal verb. This type of verb is used when saying that two or more people or things do something that involves both or all of them: The two sides have to negotiate. You can also say: The two sides have to negotiate with each other.One side has to negotiate with the other.2 [transitive]TTR to succeed in getting past or over a difficult place on a path, road etc Guido swung the steering-wheel round to negotiate a corner.
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Examples from the Corpus
negotiateIf we corner him, he won't negotiate.UN representatives are trying to negotiate a ceasefire.Colombia and Venezuela are currently negotiating a trade agreement.But Bush appears to want his missile defences more than he wants to negotiate away Pyongyang's missiles.Teachers are under pressure to give up benefits negotiated by unions.It would be possible to negotiate deals to work for a dozen companies' all in one day!The pact, which was negotiated during the Bush presidency, has been stalled since 1993.Meanwhile, despite the presence of Alan, Rich Brooks is still trying to negotiate privately with Jody.Elderly people were carefully negotiating the hotel steps.After entering the basin she had to negotiate the lock, a narrow channel which connected the basin to the dock proper.He also told them about the new incentive plan that he had negotiated with Alpha for achieving the current plan.Your estate agent will negotiate with potential buyers, keeping you informed of offers and how the sale is progressing.The government says it will not negotiate with terrorists.But Fahs now is negotiating with UConn to pay licensing rights to the technology Chen developed.negotiate withSkinner negotiated with several firms for the best offer.
From King Business Dictionarynegotiatene‧go‧ti‧ate /nɪˈgəʊʃieɪt-ˈgoʊ-/ verb1[intransitive, transitive] to discuss something in order to reach an agreementUnion leaders have negotiated an agreement for a shorter working week.They negotiated a new contract with the sellers.negotiate withThe firm is negotiating with its creditors to restructure its debt.negotiator noun [countable]a former U.S. trade negotiator2negotiate a loan to discuss with a bank or other organization that lends money the amount they will lend you, the rate of interest they will charge etc3[transitive]BANKING to exchange money or goods by using a document such as BILL OF EXCHANGE that allows you to do this→ See Verb tableOrigin negotiate (1500-1600) Latin past participle of negotiari to do business, from negotium business, from neg- not + otium time for relaxing