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ldoce_230_eneckneck1 /nek/ ●●● S2 W2 noun 1 part of the body [countable]HB the part of your body that joins your head to your shoulders, or the same part of an animal or birdaround somebody’s neck Jean wore a string of pearls around her neck. Mike rubbed the back of his neck. You have a lot of tension in your neck muscles. He patted his horse’s neck. She had a mass of golden hair, which she wore in a coil at the nape (=back) of her neck. The dog picked up the puppy and carried it by the scruff (=back) of the neck into the house.2 clothing [countable]DCC the part of a piece of clothing that goes around your neckneck of The neck of his shirt was open. The sweater has a round neck and long sleeves.V-necked/open-necked etc a navy V-necked sweater crew neck, polo neck, scoop neck, turtleneck, V-neck3 narrow part [countable]DFU the narrow part of something, usually at the topneck of Lara put the cork back in the neck of the bottle. a crack in the neck of the violin4 be up to your neck in something5 neck and neck (with somebody)6 in this/somebody’s neck of the woods7 get it in the neck8 by a neck9 attitude [uncountable] (also brass neck) British English informal a confident attitude that makes you able to do unreasonable or shocking things without feeling embarrassed SYN nerve, cheek I don't know how they have the neck to charge that much!10 land [countable]SG a narrow piece of land that comes out of a wider part a neck of land between a lake and the sea11 (hang) around your neck
Examples from the Corpus
neckButcher Tom picked her up, and I could see that her neck was broken.Fifi and Carmencita watched while Mundin unwrapped the snake from around his neck and poked one end at his little sister.Bud wrapped a scarf around his neck.We chat about the lumbering, and the latest antics at Mount Blue, in my neck of the woods.My neck is so sore.If the resultant hollow in the neck is really severe it might require a form of heat treatment to rectify the situation.The neck's too low on this shirt.The neck is made from maple, which was a surprise, because I was expecting mahogany.Fairly large, long-necked, long-legged wading birds, habitually flying with neck outstretched: a useful distinction from herons.Then you start fanning your tail feathers and puffing your neck in and out.nape ... of ... neckThe blanched nape of a neck, spiders of hair breaking free of the bun, twirling on the surface.He felt their resentful eyes burning the nape of his neck.The ground colour is a bright burnished silver with a black band across the eye from the nape of the neck.Behind her lay a blanket of cold air as icy snouts nuzzled the nape of her neck.The hairs on the nape of my neck tingled and my tired heart lurched with fear.I feel it looming up behind me, breathing lightly on the nape of my neck.He went across and stroked the nape of her neck, and she sniffed and stiffened and then relaxed.
neckneck2 verb [intransitive usually in progressive] informal KISSif two people are necking, they kiss for a long time in a sexual waynecking noun [uncountable]→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
neckHe reverted to the stage of church camp necking.The two kids stayed by the doors, necking.On these drives, they usually end up parking somewhere, only to neck and stuff, according to Fifi.Samantha starts necking Bob, and then starts necking me.Jemma found her friends necking in the back of the car.We started necking on the sofa, and she undressed, and suggested the bedroom.They went out in the backyard and necked with us.
Origin neck1 Old English hnecca