From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnativena‧tive1 /ˈneɪtɪv/ ●●○ S3 W3 adjective 1 countrySANCOUNTRY/NATION [only before noun] your native country, town etc is the place where you were bornhome They never saw their native land again. He spent most of his professional life outside his native Poland.2 native New Yorker/population/inhabitants etc3 native language/tongue4 plant/animalHBPHBA growing, living, produced etc in one particular place SYN indigenous Singapore has many native species of palm.native to These fish are native to North America.5 art/customSACOME FROM/ORIGINATE [only before noun] native customs, traditions etc are related to people who lived in a particular country before European people arrived there the native traditions of Peru stalls selling native jewelry native folklore6 naturalKNOW something [only before noun] a native ability is one that you have naturally from birth her native wit7 go native
Examples from the Corpus
nativethe region's native birdsSome one thought of my self-portraits was of a native boy.This led to the development of personal privilege and wealth as these native collaborators colluded in the exploitation of their compatriots.After a few years, she was sent back to her native country.a blend of native culture and ChristianityDomingo has homes in Monte Carlo and in his native Madrid.Until recently, however, native maps and mapping have tended to be treated as curiosities and in very narrow contexts.Consensys is looking to add a native Motif implementation for those that require it.They marched directly to the native plants garden and knew exactly what to begin looking for.No doubt Eliza spent hours scouring the beds and walkways for native plants to incorporate in her bird drawings.They are native to dry and sterile regions.They were in the fifth field near a copse of native trees when the incident occurred.native speciesSo many have been released in the wild that they're threatening native species.Unchecked by natural predators and conditions, they reproduce by the millions, chasing out native species.The new Bill covers introduced as well as native species and will allow ministers to decide which animals may be commercially bred.The three native species are all winter visitors in the central and southern parts of the region.But 25 native species are endangered, seven to the verge of extinction.Zoologists say the problem's so bad native species could be at risk.However, it has been claimed that there are two native species of honey-producing wasps in California.Stick to native species to ensure the tree is suitable for the soil in your area.
nativenative2 ●○○ noun [countable] 1 COME FROM/ORIGINATEa person who was born in a particular placenative of a native of Switzerland2 LIVE SOMEWHEREsomeone who lives in a place all the time or has lived there a long timenative of He has become a native of Glasgow.3 [usually plural] not politeSANCOME FROM/ORIGINATE a word used by white people in the past to refer to the people who lived in America, Africa, southern Asia etc before European people arrived, now considered offensiveHe was not certain whether the natives were friendly.4 HBPHBAa plant or animal that grows or lives naturally in a placenative of The bear was once a native of Britain.
Examples from the Corpus
nativeShe is a native of Ballinasloe and has many interests including reading, music and television.Sam Smith is one of many natives who wish good times had never come to Williamson County.We have to decipher these other natives of the forest if we want to understand the landscape.The only reasons for the establishment of Kuznetsk were to collect and trade in furs and control the natives.It was easy to tell the natives from the tourists.They often loaned firearms to the natives and opened their homes to them.The natives are the ones manning the stalls selling papal T-shirts, key rings and statues.He remembered how innocently they had discussed which natives they would blow to smithereens and which they would grant a reprieve to.native ofBarber is a native of Arlington, Virginia.Basil is a native of Thailand and India.
Origin native1 (1300-1400) French natif, from Latin nativus, from natus; NATION