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nationalna‧tion‧al1 /ˈnæʃənəl/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective 1 PGCOUNTRY/NATIONrelated to a whole nation as opposed to any of its partslocal Religion matters very much at a national level. Between 1929 and 1933 America’s national income fell by more than half. There are strong indications that the prime minister will call national elections in May.2 PGCOUNTRY/NATIONrelating to one particular nation as opposed to other nationsinternational We refuse to sign any treaty that is against our national interests.3 [only before noun]PG owned or controlled by the central government of a country the National Institute for Space Research the national airline nationally
Examples from the Corpus
nationalThe use of a national access network to deliver materials and services to classroom teachers and library media specialists. 2.Alitalia is the national airline of Italy.Sabena, Belgium's national airlineThe prison system is big business which is becoming integrated into the national and local economies.The unemployment rate here is much higher than the national average.Clinton has called for a national conversation on race.our national defenseWinners of the regional competitions compete in the national finals.national forestsPoles embrace Chopin as a national hero.Already, they have contributed to great national mood swings.the National Museum of Film and Photography in BradfordThe national news comes on at 18:30.Yosemite National Parka national policy for energyIn several countries, technical assistance salaries now exceed national public service pay-rolls.There will, for the first time, be a national standard against which a pupil's performance may be measured.Even if most figures for waste are not overestimates, national statistics tell a less-than-apocalyptic tale.Woodson appeared on national television.The increase in male cancer rates in South-West Cumbria are in line with the national trends over the same period. 4.
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nationalnational2 noun [countable] PGCsomeone who is a citizen of a particular country but is living in another countryalien, citizen, subject Foreign nationals were advised to leave the country.French/EU/Japanese etc national Turkish nationals who are living in the UK
Examples from the Corpus
nationalDuring the war, foreign nationals were forced to leave the country.About 4000 French nationals live in Zaire.There are many Russian nationals living in Frankfurt.But the nationals quickly expanded: they overtook the provincials in 1923 and by 1945 sold almost twice as many copies.But they can still be loan-tied, which means the nationals will still effectively control these outlets.There should be pre-qualifying tournaments around the country before they come to the nationals.The nationals control the bulk of production.A residence requirement applying without discrimination to nationals and nationals of other member states was held in Robert Fearon & Co.
National, thethe NationalNational, the 1 the Grand National2 the National Theatre