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mythicmyth‧ic /ˈmɪθɪk/ (also mythical) adjective [usually before noun] 1 RMvery great or famous He became a mythic figure in publishing.2 mythic proportions
Examples from the Corpus
mythicLike most mythic events, the Six-Day War actually happened, but not quite the way people remember it.Even the mythic good guys you read about have warts.If all this sounds rather mythic, it is because it is a myth.But the dispute will probably never be settled since both Topeka and Azusa Street have now achieved a certain mythic quality.Comparative cultural studies have now demonstrated beyond question that similar mythic tales are to be found in every quarter of this earth.I worried about the mythic trees you used to paint.Most commentators assume that this lake is situated in some mythic underworld.The stories contained mythic visions of riches in the Middle East.the mythic West