Word family noun music musical musician musicianship musicology musicologist adjective musical unmusical adverb musically
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musicianshipmu‧si‧cian‧ship /mjuːˈzɪʃənʃɪp $ mjʊ-/ noun [uncountable] APMskill in playing music
Examples from the Corpus
musicianshipJohn Peel has encouraged hundreds of musicians on his programmes with his attitude that puts creativity and originality above musicianship.One must appreciate their chemistry and musicianship, applaud it, in fact.Brion combines his scholarship and expert musicianship with the same flair for real entertainment that Sousa himself possessed in abundance.I had no doubts about his musicianship, his talent or his ability to tell a funny story funnily.We think we have a treasure in his musicianship.Five is a rich document, a multi-faceted celebration of musicianship that grows in complexity with every listen.With Riders in the Sky in the saddle, you can depend on superb musicianship and sublime vocals.It was the superb musicianship of the band that made this a memorable show.I'd say it will be a fantastic album full of taste and subtlety and wonderful musicianship and songs.