Word family noun music musical musician musicianship musicology musicologist adjective musical unmusical adverb musically
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musicianmu‧si‧cian /mjuːˈzɪʃən $ mjʊ-/ ●●● W3 noun [countable] APMsomeone who plays a musical instrument, especially very well or as a job a talented young musician
Examples from the Corpus
musicianUnfortunately, Edison was not himself a musician, and the technology he fathered was never used for mass-producing serious musical records.That's a pity, for the Czechs themselves are musicians of style and spirit.In this century, the list has expanded dramatically to embrace scientists, aviators, musicians, artists, authors and entertainers.Like well-toned athletes and good musicians, economies work best when they are flexible and limber, rather than brittle and stiff.The group is made up of local musicians who have been performing together for several years.The economic position has been put most forcefully by organizations representing professional musicians.The musicians have to be full partners in the downsizing.a talented young musicianEllen is one of our most talented young musicians.