Word family noun music musical musician musicianship musicology musicologist adjective musical unmusical adverb musically
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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musicallymu‧sic‧ally /ˈmjuːzɪkli/ adverb 1 APMin a way that is related to music It’s not as good a show, musically, as ‘The Most Happy Fella’.2 CAPMin a way that sounds like music A small fountain splashed musically in the courtyard.
Examples from the Corpus
musicallyHe's a genius, both intellectually and musically.The new album sees the band growing musically.All this was my real growing up musically.None of us will ever have anything that will mean as much as Fleetwood Mac, musically.A combination of history, tradition and resources makes it possible for the cathedral to set high standards, musically as well as liturgically.Now we have an Otello that, musically at least, is outstanding.Bebop differed from swing and rhythm & blues not just musically but in the players' attitude toward their audience.Small vertical pianos, especially the compact but musically compromised spinet, now constitute a negligible portion of the piano business.Because of his success in Hollywood, Korngold's music seems to breed a sense of unease among the musically established.The perspective is very musically judged.The birds twittered musically outside.