music hall

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music hallˈmusic hall noun British English 1 [uncountable]APT a type of entertainment in the theatre in the 19th and early 20th centuries consisting of performances by singers, dancers, and people telling jokes SYN vaudeville2 [countable]APT a theatre used for music hall shows
Examples from the Corpus
music hallIt must be a music hall comedian's dream.The service areas, with their awful tea and rubber sandwiches, had become a music hall joke.Jack Firebrace told a series of jokes in the style of a music hall comic.So far only men entertainers have been allowed - music hall acts and that sort of thing.Outside the stately music hall, two-story white pillars are quietly rotting away.At least 33 shows have been cancelled and the music hall will be boarded up for good within three months, Palladium officials said.It is a play which, again, has not entirely abandoned the traditions of the music hall.