Word family noun murder murderer adjective murderous verb murder adverb murderously
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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murderermur‧der‧er /ˈmɜːdə $ ˈmɜːrdərər/ ●●○ noun [countable] SCCKILLsomeone who murders another person a convicted murderer his brother’s murderer
Examples from the Corpus
murdererWhat is there about a murderer that can make him so irresistible?Might not a murderer, she wondered, erase the memory of the deed?Her two sons sought retribution for their father, but Rita would rather her sons died than become murderers.A convicted murderer was on the run last night after escaping from Lewes prison.a convicted murdererDo you think the police will ever catch her murderer?In prison he enjoyed reading biographies of other mass murderers.That year, Esquire magazine sent contributing editor Philip Caputo to Stockton to discover what might have motivated the mass murderer.The Moors murderer Ian Brady, 62, has been denied the right to starve himself to death.She did not like what she had been, murdered or murderer, victim or vampire.The announcement shocked the nation, and many people hoped the murderers would be brought to justice.Or put them in jail with murderers and hooligans all in the name of Karl Marx and Lenin.