From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmummum1 /mʌm/ ●●● S1 W2 noun [countable] 1 British EnglishMOTHER mother SYN mom American English2 mum’s the word
Examples from the Corpus
mumIn the vast majority of cases this means giving them a mum and dad.And for mums with their hands full, there's a trouble-free container.John, desperate to keep his throne, sticks close to his mum for comfort.When the last hymn is sung, it's time to join mums and dads over the road at the church.Now my mum and dad come to just about every concert.My mum and dad won't mind if you want to stay the night.Being a single mum is never easy.A few times I sat down in the kitchen and almost told mum but changed my mind.
mummum2 adjective keep mum
Examples from the Corpus
mumCourse when I was up there, everything was mum.The designer and the White House are mum about colors and particulars.Bush remained mum when the Rev.
Origin mum1 1. (1800-1900) MUMMY 1. 2. (1700-1800) MUM2 mum2 (1400-1500) From the sound made with closed lips