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moviemov‧ie /ˈmuːvi/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable] especially American English 1 AMFa film made to be shown at the cinema or on television It was like one of those old John Wayne a movie She once played the innocent victim in a horror about a movie about two gay teenagers who fall in love2 the moviesCOLLOCATIONSverbswatch/see a movieWe watched the movie and ate popcorn.go to a movieHow about going to a movie?take in a movie American English (=go to see a movie)Maybe we could go out to dinner and take in a movie.appear in/be in a movieShe’s also appeared in ten in a movie (=play one of the main characters)Depp will star in director Tim Burton’s next movie.a movie stars/features somebodya movie starring Will Smithmake/shoot a movieThe children have made their own movies for the a movieHe wrote and directed the a movieWhat movies are they showing this weekend?a movie is released (=becomes available for the public to see)The movie has already been released in the US.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + moviean old movieShe was watching an old movie on television.a classic movie (=an old movie that is very good)a scene from the classic movie ‘Casablanca’a hit movie (=a successful movie)He has directed a string of hit movies.a cult movie (=one that a small group of people like very much and watch often)a showing of the cult movie ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’a big-budget/low-budget movie (=one that cost a lot of money to make, or very little money to make)He won a role in a big-budget + NOUNthe movie industryHow did you get started in the movie industry?a movie starShe looked like a movie star.a movie directorHe and his wife are both movie directors.a movie producerHe started out as an actor, then became a movie producer.a movie premiere (=the first showing of a movie)She wore the dress to a movie premiere.a movie cameraDo you know how to operate a movie camera?a movie screenIt was strange to see herself up there on the movie screen.THESAURUSfilm especially British English, movie especially American English a series of images that tell a story and are shown in a cinema or on televisionWhat’s your favourite movie?It won the award for best foreign film.a made-for-TV moviemotion picture formal (also picture) a film – used especially by people who make films or by criticsa major Hollywood motion pictureTell us about your latest informal a very successful filmSteven Spielberg’s latest Hollywood blockbusterflick informal a film – a very informal usean action flickdocumentary a film that gives detailed information and facts about a particular subjecta documentary on the rain forestfeature film a film made to be shown in cinemasThe book was later made into a full-length feature film starring Sean Penn. comedy a film intended to make people laughMonroe appeared in a number of comedies.romantic comedy (also romcom British English informal) a film about two people who are in love, which is intended to make the people who watch it feel happy‘Notting Hill’ is a romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. thriller an exciting film, especially about murder or serious crimes‘The Birds’ is a classic Hitchcock noir a film that shows strong feelings of fear or evil and whose characters are often immoral, or these films in general‘The Big Sleep’ is a classic Hollywood film noir.action film/movie a film that has lots of fighting, explosions etcStallone’s latest action moviehorror film/movie a frightening film about ghosts, murders etcShe loves watching old horror movies.western a film with cowboys in itJohn Wayne is famous for making fiction film/movie (also sci-fi film/movie informal) a film about imaginary events in the future or in outer space‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ is probably the most famous sci-fi movie ever made.gangster film/movie a film about violent criminalssilent film/movie an old film without any soundThe 1920s were the golden age of silent independent film/movie a film made by a small film companyanimated film/movie/cartoon a film with characters that are drawn or made using a computerOne of his first animated films was ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’. anime /ˈænɪmeɪ, -mə/ a type of Japanese animated film, which often has a science fiction storyMiyazaki’s anime film ‘Spirited Away’ became an international success. an anime characterCGI the use of computers to create characters and images in a filmThe film uses CGI.Disney’s latest CGI movieshort a short film, usually shown before a longer movie in the cinemaan animated shorttrailer a series of short scenes from a film or programme, shown in order to advertise it in a cinema, on television etcWe had to sit through all the trailers.the people who make filmactor a man or woman who acts in a filma previously unknown actorBrando was one of Hollywood’s greatest actors.actress a woman who acts in a film. Women who appear in films or plays usually prefer to be called actorsShe was the actress who played Scarlet O'Hara in ‘Gone with the Wind’.star a famous actor or actressHe looked liked a movie star.a hotel which was used by the stars director the person who tells the actors and actresses in a film what to doThe director of the film is Quentin Tarantino. producer the person who makes the arrangements for a film to be made and controls the budgetfilm/movie crew the people operating the camera, lights etc who help the director make a film
Examples from the Corpus
movieLike any movie scientist worthy of his white coat, Bridges goes slowly mad.The definitive movie on these two men whose courage reshaped a nation remains to be made.It was the first movie we ever saw alone without our parents.People should never assume they know anyone even vaguely from movies and television.a Hollywood movieAll bedrooms are of a high standard offering private facilities, satellite colour television, in-house movies and hospitality tray.The other went on to film school and a career in the movie business.The movie succeeds to a modest extent by taking full advantage of the romantic screen personas of its two stars.